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I just started classes to join a church. I am heading down this path for many reasons. I am just wondering if church and faith have helped with how your difficult children are concerned. Sorry if this is too personal I know some folks don't like this kind of topic (but we're all friends here right?) so I just thought I would see how or if it has helped any of youins.



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My church community and faith have absolutely helped deal with Duckie. I depend on my faith deeply.
That being said, we need to be careful that this topic doesn't turn into a discussion about religion or religious practices. It also can't preach. We need to tread carefully here. :wink:


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I have a very strong faith in God, but I also consider this very personal. I do not attend church for many reasons, but mainly because I don't agree with what goes on in many of the churches I've attended. I believe my relationship with God is just that, my relationship. I share my strong beliefs with my children, but I also encourage them to find out more about other religions. I wish I knew more about other religions.

I had a friend once who was constantly preaching to me to attend her church to go to church. I don't do this, I don't push my religion on anyone, ever. I'm more than happy to share my beliefs, but only if asked or if the subject comes up.

I pray regularly and I live my life with values and morals. I believe in teaching my kids to be good to others and this is what it means to be a good Christian. I don't necessarily believe in the 10 commandments. I don't believe I have to ask for forgiveness because I cursed when I stubbed my toe. I do believe I have to ask for forgiveness if I cursed at my husband though, even if he deserved it. LOL

Have you heard the song "Angels Among Us" by Alabama? I believe that this song holds true, that there are many people in our lives that are there because God knew we needed them. I believe the people of this board are just that, Angels Among Us.

My faith gets me through many trials, including issues with my difficult children. Some days I'll pray and just let God know we're okay and I appreciate all he's done. Some days I'm asking God to give me some guidance, because I'm at my wits end.

I wish you luck with the church. I hope it brings you comfort and support.


I think if it gives you peace and strength, more power to you.

I don't attend church, although there is a church that I've been contemplating visiting for about 2 years now. I might make it in one day. However, I have some very firm beliefs, some not so firm, but a fairly strong faith and that does help me.


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I was raised in another more restrictive religion, and left it behind when I was still a teenager. I never stopped believing in God, but I was having trouble with some of his followers. Anyway, after N*'s sister died, she asked about going to church. How do I say no to that? So, I looked around, and found a church with a mission statement along the lines of "God loves you. Yes you, the sinner. Come on in, we're sinners, too."

The sermons don't browbeat. They encourage us to do better, to help others, to forgive, to heal, to laugh, to love, to spend money wisely, to be thankful for what we have, etc.

In fact, last year, the church put on a program for parents of troubled teens. Yes, there are angels among us. I am thankful for the support for both me and N*, and that they care for both of us, even though they know our story.

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My faith has carried me through some of the darkest of times; it has allowed me to enjoy & appreciate some of the happiest of times.

And my faith & my church are 2 separate entities. The church I attend many times strengthens my faith & supports me entire family.

I hope that you find peace in your journey.


My faith definitely sustains me in all areas of my life, especially being a mom of a difficult child.

Hope you find the peace and strength in your church!