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  1. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    This could be our first communally composed goofy story!
    Here's to Terry:

    The Puzzling Problem Of The Purple Posterior Print

    By Al Literation

    Pending publication per Pergamon Press

    Penny Picky parked her Porsche and proceeded through the pastoral patch of perennials Professor Poindexter had planted. Penny was particularly pleased that the professor had been prepared to implement the plans that she had provided as she was partial to perfect patterns. People in her precinct perceived her as a prissy perfectionist. Her parents had left her a prodigious portion of their personal property which made it possible for her to be picky about the peasants she employed.

    Penny was particularly piqued about the progressive pioneering painter, Tiki,
    whom she had picked to prettify her palace. Tiki seemed put off by the "papier paint", imported from Padua, that Penny had pasted over her panorama.

    Penny paused to pet her Persian pussycat who was purring in the periwinkles. When she looked up she seemed perturbed and picked up her pace. As she approached her personally planned palace of perfection, a painful yelp rippled from her larynx. Stupified, appalled, she saw a prodigious purple posterior print on the portal of her palazzo! IT LOOKED JUST LIKE A RORSCHACH INKBLOT TEST!
  2. compassion

    compassion Member

    Perpetually perturbed, Penny petualantly proceeded persveringly procedures. Painitng, painitng, painting, peculiar petroglyphs painted prurply propotions. Penny picked preposturous populances , protuding purposely pronto! Perverse,
    perservating pensive pendantic persimons painting Persians from Pokepssie, Peter probably pertetuatd paininting, painting, painting, perservering petuantly pertuity. Compassion
  3. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    OMG. You're making my head spin.

  4. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Peter Piper had a predilection for pickled peppers, which he promptly picked with perfect pitch whilst puckering purposely for pleasure. Passers-by pondered pendantically whether Piper's puckering posed psychological problems for prepubescent pig-tailed philanthropists or perhaps proffered philosophical paranormals a precarious prologue to philandering philatellists. Public officials provided puny predictions as to the political problems this posed for Polish pickle patrons in the next county.

    To be continued....
  5. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

    Ah! But what about the Rorschach print on the portal? Is it possible or even probable for private detective Peter Piper to penetrate the puzzling problem of solving this profoundly perplexing case? I know he is peerless in his profession but I think we all should ponder it. Personally, I think the donkey did it.
  6. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    You guys need to stop. You are perpetulating my puzzlement.

    No more Ps.

  7. WhymeMom?

    WhymeMom? No real answers to life..

    Pfffffftttttt........ practically pushed past point of partaking in post......... perusing Star's posterior print on hag's portal.........
  8. trinityroyal

    trinityroyal Well-Known Member

    Peter Piper realized that the Rorschach required the remonstrances of Rotkin the Russian Rorschach reader. Reaching Rotkin, Peter Piper requested: Rotkin. Your ruminations are required right now!

    (As requested Abbey, no more P's)

  9. ThreeShadows

    ThreeShadows Quid me anxia?

  10. compassion

    compassion Member

    Rarely ruminimations ready. Red reassuring readings readily renounce resourceful renderings.
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    (I round rike ROOBY ROOOO) ;)
  12. rejectedmom

    rejectedmom New Member

    The tel-tale sign of a robust rear rightfully placed upon the riser. -RM
  13. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911


    (does that mean BIG?) :tongue: - It's MY brushes we're talking about ya know. :anxious:
  14. compassion

    compassion Member

    Right!!! Roaring, rough and rugged!!!!! Compasiion
  15. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Repeating -

    rat rutt riz rhine!
  16. Abbey

    Abbey Spork Queen

    I'm not reading this post anymore. Really. It makes my head hurt.