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  1. Hound dog

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    Nichole has survived her first week of full time college. :biggrin:

    I must say I'm impressed with her take charge attitude. Due to a major mix up with her FASFA Nichole had to be fast and furious on her feet to get things switched around for the FASFA to cover the courses she took this summer. The grant she thought she had fell thru because her HS gpa was just a few points off to qualify her, so it didn't pay the summer classes. husband and I just didn't have the 600.00 + dollars to pay it for her. (thank God she was using my old textbooks)

    The poor girl had to call the college (more than once)and get the necessary paperwork all signed (a PITA because she had to stay on top of it). If that wasn't bad enough, she was wait listed for 2 classes. If she didn't get into them she didn't have enough credits to qualify for either her PELL grant or the FASFA cuz she wouldn't be full time. So another trip to the college. One of those instructors I'd had and told her I knew she'd let Nichole in no matter how crowded. But the other was o/l and I knew they wouldn't add a class to cover the overflow. So Nichole had to add a new class to her schedule, and picked one from the Medical Assisting program. Although I tagged along, she went thru this process herself, asking questions of staff and so forth.

    Only bad part of her schedule is that when she'd signed up for the majority of the classes back in the summer she didn't think to consult me first. So her classes during morning, afternoon, and evening on alternating days. This meant dear ol' Mom is sitting out a quarter. There is no way I can schedule classes around hers plus watch Aubrey for her. I watch the baby for the day classes. B/f has her for the evening classes. I wanted him to see what it was like to have to study with a baby in the room. lol

    Thursday Nichole told me she wants to be a Phlebotomist, Medical Assistant, and Midwife.

    Personally I'm not pushing her in any direction. I just told her I'd like to see her pick a program she that will enable her to support the baby and have decent hours and benefits. But I did tell her that if she didn't have any other plans after the phlebotomy program, she might as well tack on a year and complete the medication Asst. program and get her Assoc. Degree while she's at it since the phlebotomy program consists of about half of the medication Asst program's classes.

    The whole midwife thing sort of came out of thin air. :rofl:

    And last week Nichole decided that the Nuva Ring is not for her as far as BC is concerned. So she called up the doctor and made an appointment. They discussed all sorts of bc, but she's decided on having an IUD. I'm not thrilled for my own reasons. But it's her decision, and it means no grandbabies for a few more years. YEA! :biggrin:

    Hard to believe that just two years ago this girl was too shy and full of anxiety to order pizza over the phone or raise her hand and ask a teacher a question. lmao

    by the way all new addition animals have found good homes. Guinea pig was adopted just the other day. Nichole did try to take in a tiny kitten on a supposedly temp basis. But I put my foot down hard, while making it clear that if one more new animal crosses our threshold thru her, she'll be finding herself just as homeless as the animal. So I think that issue is licked. :whew: (notice I didn't include the baby in that lol)

    As far as the Nichole and b/f drama.... I haven't seen it or any sign of it. Doesn't mean it isn't going on. At least it's not in mine nor the baby's face anymore if it is.

    Maybe it's awful..... But I happen to know that the boy who has adored Nichole since Jr High is also attending the college. He stopped by last weekend when we were having the yard sale. I didn't need to be psychic to see his feelings for her haven't changed. (they've been friends for years) Unlike Jerk, this boy would do anything for Nichole, including putting his life on the line if need be. Nichole has always liked him too, she just couldn't believe he ever felt more than friends for her no matter how much I tried to tell her he did. (I wasn't the only one to see it) Since the pregnancy and Nichole being home schooled they didn't see each other much. Now maybe with both at the college they can strike up the friendship again. And at the very least Nichole can see how a caring male really treats the one he cares about. I can hope. At least this weekend she was able to finally recognize how this boy feels about her.

    Doesn't hurt that he's NOT a difficult child and he's grown into quite the hunk. :biggrin:

    Hmmmm. Maybe I should post more often. (or I've had a busy few weeks lol) I didn't mean for this to turn out so long. Sorry.

  2. Big Bad Kitty

    Big Bad Kitty lolcat

    How nice to hear a positive update! Making calls is a tough thing at that age. I was a easy child and I had a hard time with it, to big props to Nichole.

    Good for you on the kitten too. I'd have had a hard time.

    I heart kitties.
  3. Kathy813

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    Nichole is really taking responsibility for her life. She is doing great.

    I think I'd encourage the friendship with the non-difficult child hunk, too. Who knows?:biggrin:

  4. Hound dog

    Hound dog Nana's are Beautiful

    Now BBK, whatever would give me reason to believe you're a cat person????? :wink:

    I remember at Nichole's age I had trouble with the phone calls and such too. Really bad. Which is why I started pushing her once she was a teen to do it for herself as much as possible.

    Kathy, I'm really hoping the friendship between Nichole and her old friend blossoms now that they're in college together. Even if it never developed into more than the friendship, I know it would do her good to see first hand that other males who care about her wouldn't think of treating her like Jerk has.

    And Nichole sure can't say it's because the guy doesn't know what she's really like. They were best friend for YEARS. I mean, this is the kid who came and told me that Nichole literally decked a boy at school for trying to kiss her in the 7th grade. :rofl: :rofl:
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    Great update! With the positive steps she's taking in life, I suspect she'll soon outgrow her boyfriend. Fingers crossed.
  6. hearts and roses

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    What a joy it was to read your post.

    I'm so happy for all of you - Nichole, Baby and Gramma! ♥