Lifes roller-coaster is stuck on the loop-de-loops

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    Every time I think the loops of the past month are over, here comes yet another one.

    This weekend there was a murder in our town. A 17 year-old killed and robbed an eldery lady. Turns out the 17 year old used to be best friends with my difficult child 1 and easy child. They went to school together through the sixth grade. The kid was over at my house more times than I can could. But, in Jr high the kid went to a different into drugs...did rehad... found out he had mental issues and was medicated.

    Then he decided that he preferred self-medication (just like difficult child 2).... Guess the robbery/murder was meth related.

    It totally breaks my heart! And scares the crud out of me because difficult child 2 could go on that same road.

    Last week, a very good friend from High School years died in an auto accident...meth related.

    sister in law still isn't talking to me because I won"t let her play rescuer/enabler with difficult child 2. I didn't put her on the visitation list and told her that she can't mail out daily cards to difficult child 2.

    It's been one thing after another.

    difficult child 2 being in rehab right now should ease my fear, but she only went there because we gave her no other choice. She let her psychiatrist know the day before she went in that she didn't want to go. She doesn't want to quit her drug use. She preferrs self-medicating. And it's all the psychiatrist's fault that this is happening. If the psychiatrist had kept her **** mouth shut about the suicide attempt none of this would be happening.

    Someday the I will get past the loop-de-loops and settle in the smooth ride of life....I hope!

    Thanks for listening.
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    My Grandma us to say "Little kids - little problems, big kids - bigger problems" sometimes I wish my Grandma wasn't right all the time.

    I'm sorry for all the difficulty your having and pray that something "sticks" while she is in rehab and doesn't start using again when gets out.

    PS - where's the line for the merry go round? I'm tired of screaming and feeling like I'm going to hurl!
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    I am sorry so much is going on for you. I know the feeling - been there done that. I hope something/someone in tx will reach your difficult child 2 so open her eyes to an easier way than the drug use.
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    im sorry to hear what you are going through, yet that's great that you drew boundaries with your sister in law and did what you did and know exactly why.

    it is scary when you see something like that and realize you knew that kid and wow that could happen to my kid. yet have faith in your abilities and i think sometimes we just have to try to be as hopeful as possible with-each passing day as hard as it can be. and yea it can be soo hard!!!

    I wonder that too at times, when will it ever calm, when will the drama ever end yet at times i than realize this is life it's how it goes and flows. maybe it's not what happens its' how we roll with the punches whereas our calm lies. just a way too deep thought lol! :)