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    husband was doing something with the paperwork for the kids' medicare ins. He went next door to the community action agency just to see if they had any job search/career resources.

    They do not, but he did get a three page list, front and back, of community resources!

    It had all the food banks in the county, when and where the free meals are (open for everyone in the community), various local and state hotlines including what each offers, pregnancy help sources and what they give and require - ID, etc..., even thrift stores includine on that takes vouchers and how to get a voucher!

    It really has almost every community resource, including ones I do not know!!

    If you have a community group that helps many of the various sources of help, ask them if they have a comprehensive list of resources in the county. The county office that does free vaccinations (can NOT remember the name of it and it is driving me battier!) should also have some of these lists, as should DHS.

    This could be a great resource and everyone in the community should have it. It has ALL the numbers in one place - no more searching phone books because the websites are terribly outdated!
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    Try your state's employment commission (unemployment office). I was able to get a ton of stuff from them. Sometimes you have to go in, in person but some will have links to resources on their web site.

    What you husband got was the sort of thing VA is giving me.