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    We just returned from the store. We went to Walmart to get a few things and so I could check the clearance stuff.

    husband was frustrated because I looked at ALL the clearance stuff. gee. That was the reason for the trip. Poor baby - NOT. I ignored him which shortened his grumping hugely.

    We got our stuff and went out to the car.

    And couldn't get in.

    A few weeks before xmas the ignition on the car locked up. It had to be replaced. Which meant that the door key doesn't make the engine run. Not a big deal. Except he gave the door key (that works to the old ignition system) to thank you to play with the old ignition. Of COURSE husband didn't put the key on his ring when thank you gave it back to him.

    Some background on the whole key situation in our home. I have locked myself out a few times in the past. It was a hassle but we dealt with it. WHen we got this car it had 2 keys and husband decided that since we only had one car we didn't need 2 keys. He had my dad keep one in case we got locked out and he had a huge hissy fit when I was going to make a copy of the key for myself. he SWORE that it was going to cost over $50 and maybe even as much as $100 (this is a Chevy, NOT a mercedes or something super expensive) and it would be a TOTAL waste because I would just lose the key and why didn't I just go burn the money. HE would NEVER lose a key or get locked out. Only I would.

    I stopped the argument because it made me angry enough that I wanted to say some things that would really really hurt husband and I didn't want our relationship to go there. It didn't seem healthy.

    We came out of walmart with husband freaking out because we spent "a fortune" (in reality he had NO clue how much we spent even though he paid - he just told me we spent an amount that is six times what we spent and I have NO idea why he thought that. I have corrected him.)

    We couldn't get into the car. husband left the key to the door at home. The remote didn't work. It quit over the summer except for opening the trunk. husband thought we could push through from the trunk to the car and unlock it that way. That didn't work, largely because husband refused to realize he had to unhook some latches before the seat would fold down. I tried to tell him.

    husband has SWORN that it will cost upward of $50 to fix the remote. That if I tried I would break it. I let it go because I rarely drive because I am on medications and have balance issues.

    I went inside with the kids, leaving husband outside to wait for my dad to bring the spare key. I spent less than $4 and replaced the battery in the remote. It didn't open right away when I came back out. I figured it was no big deal. But I kept playing with the buttons. And less than 2 minutes after I walked out of the store, I heard that little snick sound that the locks make when they OPEN.

    The look on husband's face as he was fussing at me saying "Well, now you tried and you KNOW I was right. You should have just left it alone. I TOLD YOU..." right then Jess said, "Hey Dad" and he turned and his jaw just dropped. because she was sitting in the car with the door open.

    It was truly priceless.

    My dad showed up a minute or two later and was glad we worked it out.

    husband apologized all the way home for doubting that I could fix it and for having spent over a year telling me that I was the ONLY one who ever lost a key, that he wouldn't ever do that.

    What a night!!
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    LOL! Well, I'm glad it worked out without too juch time and trouble. We all stick our foot in our mouth sometimes I guess. I'm sure you enjoyed seeing husband with his stifling his words!
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    you must have those smart keys. I realize they are supposed to be smart for a reason and I am sure they work well...I guess but I do think a true auto thief could still pop the ignition if they wanted to do so. Just a theory of mine. I think the smart keys are actually smart for the auto industry because it makes us have to go to them to pay to get new keys made. I have already had to replace one key on my car and am down to one key. They cost like $70 and only I can take the car to my place where I bought it to get it to replaced.
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    Wow you are a patient woman, Susie. It would've taken all the will power in my world not to knock Hs block off! Glad it all worked out in the end though.
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    Even though you have the "smart keys", you can still go to a hardware store or whatever and have a regular (cheap) copy made of the key. It won't work in the ignition to start the car but it WILL unlock the doors and sometimes that's all you need, like if you've locked your keys in the car. Just keep that second key in a different place in your purse and not on the same key ring.

    Those "smart keys" aren't all they're cracked up to be! I once ran in to the post office for a few minutes, came back out and tried to start the car and ... nothing! Ended up having to have the &$%# thing towed! Turns out that my ignition had suddenly decided that it didn't "recognize" my key and I only had one! The car was towed to a dealership (leaving me stranded) and I had to have an expensive new key made. My son (who knows everything!) told me later that there's something you can try that will usually let you start the car. He said to put the key in the ignition and turn it all the way to the right so that everything on the dash comes on and just leave it that way for 15-20 minutes, then try to start the car. That causes all the little dooies in your ignition to reset themselves and it's not 100% but usually it will allow the car to start. You still have to get another key made but at least you can drive the car there instead of having it towed and you won't be stranded somewhere.
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    Yikes! Glad it turned out ok. Lately I find myself thinking of how simple used to be "back in the day". Yeah I know Seniors do that, lol. But cars were usually reliable "transportation" and with-o all the fancy stuff they got you where you were going. If you had a tv you plugged it in the wall and watched...no multiple remotes, cable failures, dishes and no monthly bills. Telephones were used to make calls and somehow even big families got along fine with just one. If you wanted to watch a movie you went to the movie theater and everyone in the family could go with-o fear of orgies, vulgarity etc. on the screen. You wore the clothes that were available in your town (or sometimes a neighboring town) and didn't have shipping and handling costs. OK OK I'll stop. Ut Oh...have to add one more, sorry. You took your car to a service station where they pumped the gas, checked your oil, told you that you needed a lube and usually warned you that you "might" need to replace a tire or battery in the future. Ah..simplicity. DDD