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    I'm not sure if anyone is still around from when I used to post here many years ago... I just wanted to pop in, say "hi," and share a very interesting "small world" moment with everyone (and maybe even share a little encouragement!).

    I was picking up my youngest, who has grown from the little difficult child in my signature into an 8 1/2 yr old, from his friends house in town. While I'm standing there chatting with the other mom, whose children have mixed challenges, she tells me that about a month and a half ago, she googled a phrase...something to the effect of 'why does my son obsess about stuff' and it brought her to a forum...THIS forum! And she was reading a post by a woman who also lived in CT who was describing a son that sounded much like hers...said she had to keep checking to make sure that SHE didn't actually write the post...and then when she saw the two boys names were M and C, and the poster was Alison...that she put two and two together and realized it was ME! Talk about a small world! So, we laughed, and that chat brought me back here. :)

    My signature is quite outdated, so here's an update:
    I am no longer on Topamax for my migraines....it pooped out on me. :/ I was getting 3-5 days of migraine a week and I finally got approved for Botox every 3 months. It's not perfect, as I still get a ton of migraines, but it seems to help reduce frequency and sometimes severity. I've been experiencing bouts of anxiety lately, but take nothing for it. Though, I just entered a Nursing Program for the next two years and that may change! HA!

    M is turning 14 next month! Egads! He takes 600 mg of Seroquel XR and 100 mg Lamictal. He no longer rages, refusals are few and far between, and though he is still VERY shy, in a comfortable environment his social skills have improved. He is being treated as bipolar, though I can't say if that's an official diagnosis or not. He also has had tics for many years now, so even though a neurologist has never officially diagnosis'd him with Tourette's, I'm pretty positive he has it. Thankfully, his current medication combo keeps them under control for the most part, unless he is stressed/anxious. He has been dealing with depression, which no medication tweaking has been able to resolve and is FINALLY willing to go back to the therapist if I will do the talking for him. This is progress!

    C, as I mentioned above, is now 8 1/2! He was finally seen over several visits the first half of this year and diagnosis'd! He has ADHD, Anxiety, a Sensory disorder, and a learning disability. He is currently taking Vyvance on school days, though we are struggling with resulting insomnia. He says it helps him and that's what's most important. If the insomnia becomes a big issue, we will discontinue. He can not swallow pills and all others have a bitter taste when added to food, so this is apparently our only option.

    I don't know if anyone will bother to read any of this, but if you do, please know that I have always kept thinking about you all and held you in my thoughts. We are special parents...WARRIOR parents. We all deserve a little extra love. <3
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    Hi, I'm wondering how you have been able to get your oldest to cooperate with you on dr visits, medications etc. I'm afraid to try and force my 13 yo son to do anything at all. He says no to just about everything we ever offer, even swim parties on holidays down the street, pro football games, he says no to everything. He is on no medications cuz I haven't taken him to dr. He'd refuse, cry, rage etc, and I cannot handle it at all. I've been having panic attacks this wknd cuz **** hit the fan w him not completing homework then lying to teacher about it. I feel like we will never get thru the school year.
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    Oh, Anxworrier! First of all, BIG HUGS! Parenting our kids is never easy and things that work for other parents don't work for us. I will say that the only reason my son is compliant is because he is medicated. It was a long, bumpy journey to get here. He didn't get on medications until he was hospitalized, and what they tried then wasn't a good fit for him. But we eventually got a decent medication cocktail going and he prefers who he is on medications to the uncontrollable person he is off of them. If he misses his medications in the morning, he's rushing to the pill box when he gets off the bus to take them.

    Honestly, I don't have much advice to offer you and I'm sorry for that. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink. All I can say is TRY. Try to get him to the doctor. Does he LIKE who he is? Does he LIKE to feel the way that he does? Probably not. If you can somehow get through the wall of "no's" and speak to the little boy behind it that really WANTS to behave and be in control, maybe you have a chance.

    You did mention that he rages. And at 13 years old boys start to get BIG. The biggest question you have to ask yourself is "is he being safe?" If his rage endangers himself, you, or any other member of your household, then you need to do something about it. I spent 7-8 years believing that my sons rages were just something we had to deal with. That locking myself behind my bedroom door so I'd be safe was OK. It's NOT ok. Sometimes it takes that call to 911 to get the ball rolling.

    You didn't say if you are treating your anxiety. Please take care of YOU too.

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    Welcome back. What a funny coincidence about the other mom!

    Sounds like things are under much better control (with-our lives, that's not saying a whole lot) but I am so glad that medication works for your son. Whew! We haven't tried Lamictal yet.

    Many hugs, and best of luck with-your nursing program. You'll probably learn more than you wanted to know about medications that way, at least. :)