Looking at Partial hospital. for difficult child

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by StressedM0mma, Dec 14, 2011.

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    We thought difficult child was doing better, but now we are not so sure. She talked to me a little this morning, and she said that she feels like she is a disappointment to everyone. And, that everything is just too much. She doesn't want to drop down her classes though. It just seems that outside life is too overwhelming. She said she isn't having suicidal thoughts though. She is just feeling like the entire world is stacked against her right now.

    So, we have discussed doing a partial hospital. program. It is an intensive 10 day program. She would be there form 8-3:30. My major concern would be getting her there by 8. That seems to be her hardest time. We need her psychiatrist to refer, so I will be working on that for her. She wants to wait until after Christmas.

    What I am hating more than anything though is that fact that we can not find a therapist. And, that no one will help us to find one. It is beyond frustrating. Even the psychiatrist was of no help. I feel like I am just watching sand run through my fingers as difficult child falls further away, and that we have no where to turn for help.
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    I think that is a wise choice, and if you start before christmas people's minds will not be on it anyway, people go on vacations and school is a waste. If she is safe, it is probably best to wait until after. If she is not, then do inpatient and then outpatient after the break.

    I did research before a crisis so when Q had a problem I knew where to ask to send him from the ER. If you think there could ever be a chance that she does feel like hurting herself, you might want to check out adolescent programs ahead of time so that when they take her to ER (at least here, if it is an emergency they have to be medically cleared first)....and if the er is connected to a program your insurance may make you stay so you might want to pick an ER that does not have an adolescent program.... then they have to pay to move her anyway. Just some thoughts after going through that. Still not fun but at least there was peace of mind that he was somewhere that understood his needs as much as any program would anyway.

    Poor girl. Thinking of you as always..... Buddy
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    Is your pediatrician able to recommend a therapist? Maybe they have someone that they refer people to.
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    Bunny when we went to the pediatrician. and asked for a recommendation all they did was hand me a Xeroxed list of all the tdocs in the area, and said I would just need to call and find one. Big help huh. And, when I asked the psychiatrist for help she told me the waiting list at the hospital. program was long, and to look around. At this point I am scared, and angry that no one is willing to help us.

    Sometimes I feel like if we had boundless $$ then we wouldn't have a problem. I get angry that all of these "celebrity" teens and adults get multiple front of the line free passes, and I can't seem to find any for my daughter.

    Sorry for the whiney vent. Just need to get it out, and the people around me just do not understand how important this is. If you could send some virtual hugs my way I could use them today.
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    {{{{HUG HUG HUG HUG HUG}}}}

    Have you ever called social services? In the county... I know not everywhere has it, but here there is mental health case workers, they help hook things up and can even come up with funding ...NOT income related sometimes.... to get alternate therapy or supplies or to go to stress relieving activities, or for travel to appointments etc. Might be worth asking. I know, ONE MORE THING..... I realize you already are doing so much and getting door after door slammed in your face. It only takes ONE yes though. It will happen.
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    Finding a therapist... Have you tried talking to the school's guidance counsellor? They sometimes know who's good (seen good results in certain students), and/or ways to get access.


    MY difficult child is starting partial a week from today. I wonder if they could postpone until after the holidays...he's already saying he feels it's unfair to not have a winter break. HOWEVER, he has no friends around so he'd be bored out of his mind anyway. He will be there approx. one month and then hopefully will go into a self-contained classroom. He still has no therapist. We've gone to two in the past year that were so wrong for him...I can relate to your frustration. Feel better...
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    Buddy, i called county services today. We do not qualify because we have private insurance. They did give me places to call. Called them. They of course do not take our ins. Why would they. The only 2 yes that is right 2 places that are covered are the Choldren's hospital. in our area, and the Children's hospital. in the next closest city that is over an hour away. So, I scheduled a therapist appointment. out of network. At this point I just don't care. All I want is for her to get help.