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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Audrey, Dec 2, 2009.

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    Since "little C" as we call difficult child now has a formal diagnosis of AS, I am trying to get my hands on as much information as possible. I have a few great books I'm reading as well as information from the neuropsychologist. I'm also a peds nurse with experience clinically with these kids, so I'm not totally in the dark. However, I have a few specifics I'd like help with.

    We have 3 older kids. 13 yo son, 10 yo daughter and a 21 yo daughter. Oldest is out of state. The other two really love difficult child and know that he has Asperger's, but he frustrates them like crazy sometimes when he's being inappropriate during play time or when he just won't leave them alone if they are "done". They are also frustrated with the differences in how we talk to and discipline difficult child vs. what they experience from us. Any good reading material for kids that age that might help them understand this a little bit better?

    Also, how/when do I let difficult child know that he has this thing called Asperger's? He knows there's something different about him because he has some stimulant toys in school with him and a helper aide with him sometimes. Right now he thinks he just has a problem controlling his body and touching other people.

    Any pointers in the right direction would be most helpful!

    We're going to have a family meeting (without difficult child) this weekend when husband is home to really talk to the other kids about ways that we can all work together to help difficult child with his social skills.
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    Hi Audrey

    As you likely know, Asperger's in on the Pervasive Development Disorder spectrum.

    There's a ton of stuff on this site regarding Asperger's. Use the search function and be sure and check out the General Forum Archives threads.
    Welcome aboard.
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    I have a few links specific to Aspergers and am happy to share. Also, if you go to Amazon and put "Aspergers" into the subject line, many books about it will pop up and you can purchase them. Unfortunately, some are not available at all libraries, but you can request they be sent to your local library and thus save the cost of a book. Tony Attwood writes good books about Aspergers!

    Ok, here ya go:


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    A few other ideas...for your adolescent children, the book Freaks, Geeks and Asperger's Syndrome might be helpful. It's written by a boy with AS and offers an insider's perspective on the condition. It might help them understand what's going on in their little brother's head when he's being inappropriate.

    For Little C, perhaps a book such as When My Autism Gets Too Big might help him to understand his own diagnosis.

    The Tony Attwood books are wonderful, and I highly recommend Understanding Social Behaviour by Temple Grandin and Sean Barron. Another insider's perspective, this time from 2 adults on the spectrum.

    With regard to talking to your little one about AS, perhaps at this stage all he needs to know is that he has trouble controlling his body and touching other people is sufficient for now. He might not really understand the concept of Aspergers, but may interpret it as a negative label.

    On a personal note, I had the freedom to grow up without the label because I wasn't diagnosed until adulthood. However, because of the schools I was sent to, the right interventions were in place for me anyway. It was the best of both worlds...I had the support I needed without any sort of label to centre me out.

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    Thanks for those book titles! They look great...off to check on where to get them.

    Thanks so much for the links as well. Right now I feel like I'm spending every waking moment devouring and deciphering everything I can.