Losing one of my prime employees, waaaahhhhh

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by hearts and roses, Oct 3, 2011.

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    Our office manager (P) in our FL office gave her two week's notice on Friday. I'm so disappointed to see her go!!!

    On the one hand, the new job sounds fabulous (and the pay is almost 30% more than what she's making with us) - very interesting and diverse and P's the perfect person for it, very outgoing and professional.

    But on the other hand...I don't know that we will be able to replace someone like her who can be so hands on, jumps right in and can handle the job. The branch manager (D) in that office is a turd. Nice on a personal level, but professionally? OMG - D is a handful, very demanding and expects you to read his mind.

    P can handle him - put him in his place while still being professional and getting the job done. D respects her, and respects very few people. It is difficult to find someone who can work with him long term.

    When I flew down to FL to interview about 20 or so people for this position two years ago, I was very up front with them all and explained how D is - only about 5-6 people would have been a good fit. He chose P and she's been fabulous. P told me this morning she knows of someone they are interested in taking her position and that D likes her and they feel she will be able to take on the job.

    I would like to meet her. Anyway, just sad for losing P, but happy for her too! Looks like a trip to FL may be in my future.
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    Bummer man. Always stinks loosing the good ones. Hope this recommended person turns out to be a good fit.
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    That's the problem with hiring "winners", lol. It's amazing with so many thousands of people out of work that opportunities knock for those who are the cream. Hope you can find the right replacement.
    by the way, the weather is delightful right now in Fl. Days in the 70's/80's and in the 50's at night. DDD