M. is coming for Cmas -

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Steely, Dec 14, 2011.

  1. Steely

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    Not quite sure why I am so happy about this --- but I am. :)

    Thanks to all of you who sent your positive energy our way.

    This makes Christmas a real event for me. Something that the season is about - giving love to another.
    M is such a sweet soul - just like Matt. Yet his past abuse has caused him to have a myriad of extremely serious mental issues. Everyone from his family has ditched him because of his aberrant behaviors that he had in the past due to the extreme abuse. I am so glad that my family can open our doors. That is just what I needed, he needed, Matt needed...this is what this holiday is about. Love.

    Funny (if you care for the side story), I remember when M first came to the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). Matt's counselor called me to tell me that M had arrived, and that he had a history of psychotic breaks, and he was sure Matt would not like him, so I should be prepared for the drama that might ensue. They hated each other for about 3 days - and then became best of friends.

    M. would have a psychotic break and Matt was there to talk him through it. That makes me sappy teary eyed. Matt once broke into the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) office to get M a pack of cigarettes while M was breaking from reality. That is the love of one mentally ill person to another. To me, that just touches my heart - although sad - it was/is both of their realities. Matt was wrong to do steal cigs - but he could see the pain, empathized and wanted to help. They were constantly getting in trouble for each other in the Residential Treatment Center (RTC). In fact it was part of Matt's demise at this Residential Treatment Center (RTC), because Matt would become agitated if he felt M was not being treated fairly, and would take the rap for M.

    Although all that sounds scary to have as a guest in my home....they have both grown so much. M's medications are stable, and he refuses to leave home without them. He has been in treatment for 3 years and he is more stable than he ever has been. Unlike Matt, he will tell you if he feels like he needs help.

    Although a bit of a risk - what does one not gain from giving love to another?
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    that is the best christmas story I have heard this year.
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    You're right, this is exactly what Christmas is all about!

    And - YAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!! :happyguy:
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    A true gift for M. I'm sure he is delighted to be heading your way. I bet you three all have a great time. Thank you for sharing the Residential Treatment Center (RTC) story. It is true caring even if it got the boys in trouble.
    Have a great visit. Sounds like you are going to benefit from the love floating around and that makes ME very happy to read.
    My cards are going out today. I have just to label envelopes. You are in card exchange right? Let me know in pM if you can his first name. I will send a extra card for him since he will be with you.
    Look forward to hearing after holiday how the visit went
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    I'm so glad you have something so positive to look forward to.