Making it through the holidays


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My mom informed me that because grandma died last year she rreally didnt want to be at home, they decided they would come to my house. Ok that great! Then she says they would be bringing my grandson along. Cool..even better, Then she mentions they haevent told my daughter the plans. What if she wants her son for the holiday?? Probably better let mom know aboit all these plannings taking place. And m y son....I dont evevnthink tjey want to invite him :C He has been th black sheep for a while but i dont eve get to see him and would like him to come.. Its starting to get awkward and I dont wasnt to not stand up for my kids, I dont want anyone left out because of the past,not sure what to say. help!!

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Hi inthestorm, I had to review your past thread to get up to speed,

this is from October 8th

So he gets out last week. He lives in my home town, I live 3 hrs away. I suggest the one homeless shelter there because his dad wont let him come back. He stays there one night, dad lets him come back.

Now tonight I get 15 missed calls from him. I finally get to answer, hes frantic. His dad and him had another fight, and hes locked out. Please help he says. I tell him I cant do anything to help at which point he says he should murder me for all this..I hang up. Have taken his verbal assault many many times.

15 more calls later and my boyfriend is starting to be an ass, hes completely detached from me and my feelings. Just says aww..nothing you can do. Right, but his tone of voice is more like f**k that kid. Last text from my son says almost to the cell tower...meaning he wants to climb up and jump, has always told us that his suicide will be blood on our hands. Havent heard anything. Im afraid to call.

I hope things have improved with your relationship and your son has received help.

Forgive me for bringing this up, but he has threatened you and hit you in the past. Perhaps your family does not want to risk the possible misbehavior?

The holiday season has different meanings for many folks. One thing is that we long and yearn for our family to come together.

If this is safe, your relationship with your son has vastly improved, meaning he is receiving counseling and has been kind and loving towards you, then by all means , try to include him, it is your house.

On the other hand, if the opposite is true, then please think carefully. What you posted is just from a month ago. It is not a normal, or right thing for a son to speak of murdering his mother, nor give suicide threats.

Please think carefully, and weigh your decisions not on the glitz and pizazz and spirit of the holiday season, but on what has happened, what steps have been taken to make amends and change.

Your safety is of utmost importance.

Please be careful while giving this some thought.