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    This is no big issue, I just may be noticing things more lately, but I was at the library today and this woman started yelling out about someone touching her child. Of course, everyone ran over to see and hear what was going on, as it initially sounded like a pervert was around. But, it turned out that a man that worked there had reached out and touched or grabbed (not sure on that one since I didn't see it) the sweatshirt of a kid who was apparently going wild in the library. A woman staff person first asked the boy to quiet down and quit jumping around, but he got more active, then the man came over and spoke to another woman nearby, thinking it was her son but it wasn't, so he "touched" the boy's sweatshirt. I don't know if the Mom saw it or if her son went to her and said something, but she went IRATE. I never saw the boy nearby at all, because I was wondering what his age was. Anyway, it turned into a major scene and I think they called police because the woman would not quit yelling. The man was apologizing, saying he should have handled it differently but did not know who the mother was to talk to. I'm not sure how I feel about this. I think the man was wrong to touch the kid, who may have even been a special needs kid/difficult child, but I think I probably would not have made a scene over it knowing that he wasn't a perveert and was older so probably has NO clue about dealing with difficult child's in a hands-off approach. Plus, I have done the same with my difficult child at times when he would completely ignore me and refuse to stop doing something he shouldn't be doing.

    Then, I go pick my dogs up from a well over-due grooming. I have one male and one female- the male is neutered, but no one told him. They felt so good to finally get a bath and haircut that the male wouldn't leave the female alone in the car, if you know what I mean. So, here I am driving down a 4-lane road and stopping at a store for about 5 mins leaving them in the car "doing this" (it's only about 52 degrees here), and people were just acting so oddly about this "show". LOL!! I was embaressed, though, and want to let them in the fenced yard a while but I doubt my neighbors want to watch this either. At least my little "dirty old man" will sleep good tonight!

    Don't you envy my exciting days??
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    Reminds me of the dolphins we saw at SeaWorld a few yrs back. You can walk "inside" the tank, with-the tank surrounding you, and people were videotaping, and one by one, people put down their cameras, chuckled, nudged one another and quickly went out to another exhibit. Turned out that we were in the middle of a dolpin orgy, LOL! They were so happy! I mean, it really looked like the dolpins were smiling ... twirling around, doing it, then not doing it, then twirling around then doing it again ... I guess there's no such thing as dolphin jealousy. :)

    Anyway, I don't know what to say about the mom in the library except that she was out of line. I think your assessment of the older guy employee was correct; he had no idea how to handle a special needs kid. But the mom escalated it. Sheesh. Sounds like a bad day there.
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    The child may or may not have been a difficult child. Unfortunately I've seen mothers over react over less. I'd be concerned depending on what had happened, but I doubt I'd have made a big deal about it.

    Had to LOL over both the dogs and the dolphins. :rofl:
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    Well, SHE is being a hus*y now- he was trying to take a nap and I guess she finished hers so she has pawed on him until he growled, but then gave in....LOL!

    Needless to say, their lives are more interesting than mine.