Man, it's been a busy week - an honor of sorts.

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I've been on the run all week long for one tweedle or another. Today it was for both tweedles. :faint:

I met with the in home tdocs that will be working together & apart with kt & wm. It seems to be a good match.

Then wm's in home therapist transported wm to attachment therapist - he delivered me lunch, as I was finishing up with his "cohort in crime" & then headed over to attachment therapist.

While attachment therapist & I waited for wm she & I chatted for a bit. A little of this; a little of that. She told me of a client that she's working with - mom is an attorney. Quite the accomplished attorney. Having said that, therapist told me that she is quite the advocate for her newly adopted children. And also told her that she almost up to par with me - the parent of a set of the most difficult twins she had ever encountered in her 25 year practice.

This mother took this as a compliment. I was stunned. therapist, who travels worldwide to work & train, said that she uses me quite often as an example of what can be done for children with severe Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) and PTSD.

I just shook my head & told therapist that I wasn't feeling much success in the 6 almost 7 years of parenting the tweedles.

She asked if I could find the time, would I be willing to work with her & kt's attachment therapist in workshops.

Will have to give this a great deal of thought.



Linda, you're an inspiration to many of us on the board. therapist's words don't surprise me a bit.

You have had an incredibly busy week. This weekend was good timing for respite. Enjoy.


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No surprise here, either.

Do not forget to appreciate that you are doing all the running around this time without a job to put on more pressure. You should stop to appreciate the difference in doing it now versus when you were working. Just a thought I had and wanted to share.

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Busy, I haven't forgotten that I have more time to accomplish what needs to be done for kt & wm. It's a freedom that I haven't had for quite some time.

I didn't post this looking for accolades. Seriously, talk of this nature makes me uncomfortable. I've only wanted to be a mom - not a guest lecturer at Reactive Attachment Disorder (RAD) seminars or workshops or a facilitator at a group of adoptive parents.

The deeper we get into treatment (as the tweedles mature & more of the trauma is revealed) the more troubled I become about their future. I was going over the Vineland scores on both kt & wm today with the in home tdocs. It's amazing to know that neither have the ability to just play. Not that I'm not aware of that, you can see it on a daily basis - it's documented now.

This boggles the mind.

Sorry, rambling again. Time to take time off - it's respite weekend.


That's quite an honor. It's something that may be hard to say "no" too. But do say "no," if you need too. No use adding more stress to your's and your family's life and a sundry of other potential reasons.

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It is quite an honor. You have done amazing things for the tweedles. You are and amazing warrior mom so I'm not surprised they would like you to help do workshops. Like Sheila said if you need to say no then do say no. Hugs to you.

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Sheila & Sharon - believe me I'm not taking on more than I can possibly handle. It was an honor to be asked however I doubt I have the time or energies to really invest in this venture.

My calendar next week is already filling up - can't see fitting much more in.


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Truly an honor, but likewise no surprise. You really are an amazing warrior mom and you do an amazing job parenting and advocating for the Tweedles. seeing how full your plate is now, perhaps the answer is, "No, not now..." :wink:


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I see it as an honor, too, but I also know how it might make you feel uncomfortable. The staff at psychiatric hospital is always telling me that difficult child would be in such worse shape if he didn't have me as an advocate, etc. They jokingly said they would hire me in a heartbeat - degree or no degree - to work somewhere there. difficult child's current outpatient psychiatrist is sometimes my cheerleader - telling anyone who will listen that they have to "help this entire family - this amazing mom". It's nice to hear, but doesn't match how I feel most of the time - and I never know what to say. Never ever.

The fact that it was said to you does not surprise me one little bit. It is an honor, but one that I truly understand you giving great thought before committing.

Good for you, warrior mom! :wink: