Mandy has a new job!

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    And this one is going to make you laugh out loud. She is working in a day care center in the after school program with the 6 to 12 year olds.! They are really giving her a run for her money too. She hates it because the place pretty much just tossed her in there without giving her much training except saying "the only discipline we use is putting them in the corner." Oh wonderful! Like that works in the older set. She has already had some kid yell at her and tell her she couldnt tell him what to do "you black F'n B***". I told her I would have sat his hind end down at the table and handed him a dictionary and made him copy it for the rest of the day so he could learn some more appropriate

    And she cant take McKenzie to work with her which I think is a crock. I think I will end up having to be the sitter on the days she has to work. Since she only has to go in the afternoon, I could probably handle that. Only issues I could probably see is my doctor's appointments and I dont know if they would allow me to take a baby back with me. I guess they would have to if I was watching her or maybe Mandy could get someone else to watch her on those days each month. As long as my days dont start before 12 to 1 I should be okay.
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    I am glad she is working, but will this last? I know I couldn't do it. Of course my idea of Hades is being trapped in a classroom with kids all day. just NOT suited to my temperament, so ...

    Most daycares I know of WANT employees to have their babies there. Not in their rooms, but so they don't have to leave due to sitter issues. They give substantial employee discounts at the ones I know of. It cuts on absenteeism, early leaving, late arrival and unhappy employees. This place sounds strange. Oh well, a job is a job today.

    Don't let them get too dependent on you watching Mickey. I know you love ehr and it will give you a strong bond iwth her, but with your back and other health issues, it may be really hard on you. So try it but if it is too much, remember it is their responsibility and not yours to caare for her while she works. Your job is to stay as healthy and able as possible.

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    She's braver than I am. LOL

    Then again, I'm about baby sitting out......don't care what age group. But older ages grate on my nerves. I'm tired of having to correct Darrin for his mouth. At the rate he's going he might never play video games again. Nothing horrible, just back talking he's picked up from kids at school that has become a nasty habit that Nana won't tolerate.

    But if I have to babysit, give me preschoolers.

    I'm glad she's working too, but whew wee did she pick a hellova job. (by the way I know around here these positions have a very rapid turnover rate)
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    Well we can hope it works out, right??? (do they drug screen?) Is it one of those after school day cares or a full day care center that has an after school program. I suppose if it is at a school they wouldn't even have an infant care program. I could always bring Q into appointments (and my niece when I cared for her as a baby) no problem, I had lots of pain management appointments back then). But I really hope you do not end up being in more pain caring for an infant....
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    Buddy has a thought there! Drug screening. It's fairly common when working with kids as well as background checks. Isn't she on probation too? I hope that doesn't come up and bite her in the butt Good that she has a job, bad that they did no training, especially for someone that really needs some but I guess they think that she should naturally know what to do? Who knows, maybe something will give with her and everything will magically change? We can hope right? :)

    As for you, loving grandbabies is easy and comes naturally for you and to step in and help. Do what you can and NO more then that. You know there is plenty of things that could help her out there beside you having to do it if necessary. It is strange that they don't allow her to have the baby there but not unheard of. Isn't there subsidized childcare available to her?
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    You know, it may be one of those places that is only for older kids. I hadnt thought about that. If they did drug screening she probably had someone help her out and that is okay by me. She will handle it. She needs this job. She will do fine I hope. This age kid is hard though. I mean from 6-8 is okay but start heading into middle is the She will do much better getting out and away from the house so she isnt going stir crazy.

    I think I can handle a baby for a couple of hours a day. It wont be but for maybe 4 to 5 hours a day. And she doesnt work on the day she has all day school which is Wednesday so they work around her schedule. I have given her a few pointers on some other inventive alternative discipline methods that might work for this age group other than just the corner. Cory overheard her the other day having to yell at two of the little boys...I told you to stop choking each other! I am willing to bet she has more than one difficult child in her group. From what she has told me the first thing they have to do is come in and get a drink and a snack and then get right down to homework. Then they can play. I think they should have the juice and snack, then a 30 minute play period, then the homework so they get some of the wiggles out from school.
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    Nothing says birth control like mouthy 6-12 year olds. YOURS or anyone elses.

    Congratulations on the new job.

    As for the kid with the mouth? NO ONE said she couldn't PUT a bar of LAVA in her pocket. She can't USE it - but no one said she can't HAVE IT.....