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    OI was just reading about amazeofgraces liver MI and saw your post.
    WOW! You sound like you have doing GREAT! I wanted to congratulate you on your loss!
    I have lost track this last month of my progress....and have not stuck to things like I hadbeen until then. My sugars had gotten really really good, very very nice, and last dr appointment my liver enzymes were great, weight loss last I checked was still stalled at haveing lost just a lil over 20 pounds....BUT my clothes are suddenly swimming on me, literally falling, off....even the new ones! BUT I feel like a bottom half was already much slimmer than top- very out of proportion, and now it is even more so.... (altho no, I was not doing it for cosmetic reasons)
    And worse, my blood pressure has shot up much much higher than it has EVER been. <sigh>

    Reading of your progress just might give me a new boost. I am SO happy for you!!!!! I know it has been hard.
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    I haven't had much chance to go online today - I took mother in law to have her eyes operated on with laser, it was supposed to be done a few years ago when her cataracts were done but she chickened out at the time, plus moved down to be near us and kept postponing it (because she was scared of having it done).

    So I'm home again.

    You've lost a bit over 20 pounds - that's great! That's about 10 Kg, and you started after me. Plus, I don't think you've got pills helping you.

    I've found the weird out of proportion thing, too. I can get into the bottom half of suits but not the top half. And my new trousers tat easy child bought for my birthday - I haven't even had the chance to wear one of the pairs yet, and they're way too big.

    easy child 2/difficult child 2 made me buy a very young-looking and nicely shaped cardigan/jacket on sale on Monday so I wore it today. I needed a nice blouse underneath it, preferably long-sleeved so I could wear my thermals underneath (it's cold here!) so I reached in to my wardrobe and grabbed a shirt of the right colour. I was in a hurry as I put it on and didn't realise until later, that it's a shirt I haven't worn in years, because it's been too tight. And today it was loose on me! So the extra weight on top is now starting to come off as well, now.

    I don't know how my liver enzymes are at the moment. The specialist was adamant that I had to wait until I went back to him (a 6 month interval) before he would do more tests. I'm suspecting my BiPolar (BP) is going up a bit though - when I saw the neurologist on Monday he took my BiPolar (BP) and it was up, although he said it could have been a deliberate error in his machine because it was donated by a drug company which aims to sell medications for BiPolar (BP)! I suggested he double-check with an old mercury sphygmomanometer and he did - and the BiPolar (BP), although normal, was still a bit high by my usual standard.

    With the weight loss what seems to now be happening is everything has slowed down, because with less of me to carry around, I'm burning less calories. I need to exercise more to compensate. Not easy, because my leg is still sore with a torn muscle. I need to do more Wii Fit as well, which takes time to organise.

    Interesting - tonight, starting in a few minutes on ABC TV (that's our national broadcast TV channel) is a science program called Catalyst. Tonight's episode is about the liver, and husband doesn't want me to miss it.

    Here is the link, have a look. I only glimpsed enough to know it was the right one, I'll read it later.


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    Marg...congrats on the weight loss. But, what struck me most is it's COLD there? Gee...I need to find money for a ticket.

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    Abbey, it's midwinter here. It might never snow in Sydney, but it's snowing not far to the west of Sydney in the Blue Mountains. The snow is forecast to stop on Saturday.

    We also have cold winds here (especially when it's snowing so close). The clouds today were mostly snow clouds, but they pale off and puff out a bit in the middle of the day, then darken and condense again by late afternoon.

    Close to the coast where we are, it's a bit more temperate. But only a little way inland and still very much within Sydney, it's dropping below freezing at night.

    The TV program was a disappointment, for me - it mentioned fatty liver only briefly, mostly talked about alcohol as a cause. It was interesting in the research it touched on, though, especially the stem cell research. A strong point they made was that because the liver regenerates so well, liver disease can be well advanced before it's diagnosed. And once the liver passes the point of no return, it can't regenerate.

    The program overall was very good, especially if you need to get a message to people who are moderately heavy drinkers. It would be available as a vodcast.

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    I was recently invited to a one day seminar about livers done by a hepatologist here, and yes, I really did not find much new info there. LOL, I went for my volunteer position at the health dept but, I had personal interest, LOL.

    I wish it were cooler here, LOL. northern IL is an area of extremes.

    I had had this idea it would be a lil more fun or something buying some new clothes, but, it is more frustrating than fun. LOL. Maybe I should drag out my older BiPolar (BP) cuff, it is mercury.and my stethoscope....and check with those. My doctor still uses that type, too, the old type.

    Hope your mother in law is doing well. Keep up the great work. Hopefully it will show positive when you do go back and have enzymes checked again.

    I had been looking forward to summer produce here, but, I am finding it all prohibitively expensive and rather tasteless when I do buy it, even my farmers market. Im not sure w hats going on with my strawberries or tomatos or peppers, they stalled in growth on me....altho I have a plentiful supply of mulberries. (I have several trees of those) and critters have been munching on my herbs this year. and not just muunching them, but uproooting them, too.
    How long until it begins to get warmer by you?
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    The only way to keep your fruit & veggies safe is to keep close watch, pick off the bugs and snails, net the plants in if you have to.

    It is going to be cold here for the next month or more. Often more. Our spring officially starts on 1 September, but it's usually still cold by then.

    We usually don't get back into the water until the end of September. It depends on how much Eskimo we have in us.