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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by Andy, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Andy

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    So, I am trying to get difficult child to redo his math assignment. The excuses he comes up with! Why does it have to take my energy to get his problems done even when I am not arguing or demanding? It drains me just to watch and listen to him.

    He asks, "Hey mom, do you know why they call these problems?" "Because they are a pain to do." "Yes!"

    He is laying on the bed wiggling all over the place talking to himself. "And a zero comes down from nowhere......." "68 + 5 is not 70" "15 take away 8 is just 7 which I am just guessing but so?" "Mom, quick, what is 6 X 8?" "25" "No, but your answer helps, you subtract one and double it." Yep (25-1)2 = 6 X 8 - how did he figure that one out so fast?

    I gave him lined paper for him to turn sideways to keep his columns straight. We did this last year and it helped with both long division and multiplication.

    He needs to do problems 5 - 20 and knows that it is 16 problems because you do 20 - 4. I have county workers that can not figure that one out. If someone comes in on the 25th and is still in overnight on the 30th, they want to only autho 5 days instead of 6.

    This is review work for him in regards to the actual dividing. He is fighting it because it takes so long. Doesn't understand why he has to show his work. Still hasn't figured out that all his complaining just adds that much more time into doing it.

    I know this behavior is because it is not his choice to do the work. He wants to wait until tommorrow night but the work is due during the day tomorrow.

    If he would have talked to his teacher about it, he may have been given an extra day to do it tommorrow night. The best scenario would have been if instead of handing in bad work on Wednesday that he had taken it to tutoring that night. I have since told the teacher that he has tutoring Monday and Wednesday nights so she can help encourage him to use that time if she sees him racing in class or struggling with something.

    I'm taking a nap and looks like grocery shopping may be solo if I still feel the need to escape.
  2. Hound dog

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    Ya know, I didn't make a whole lot of sense of that math. Which does not make me feel very smart today. Or maybe it's his way of figuring. But if it works for him, kuddos.

    I have my own weird eerie way of doing math. Can't even explain it, cuz I just do it and the answer comes out right. It's baffled teachers for years.

    I didn't figure out all the whining and procrastinating was making it worse on me until hs. lol

    Hugs Escape to the grocery store. :D
  3. KTMom91

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    Been there. Done that. Hated listening to it! I finally had to stop discussing homework with Miss KT. Even when she asked for my help, she would fight me.

    Hope things settle down at your house...enjoy your grocery shopping!
  4. Andy

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    I know - something that I have to deal with :sick:

    The nap didn't work - woke up and he was scrunching up one of his papers. I told him that he needed to recopy all the problems so that the teacher could read it. Of course that set off another Grrrrrrrrrrrr! He demanded (yes, demanded) that I rewrite it - says it is my job since I want it done. That is not going to happen. Grrrrrrr

    Now I know why woodsheds were outlawed. I sure can use one.

    I think he finally did rewrite. When he got to the crumpled page I heard him yell from the other room, "Mom, why did your crinkle my paper? I demand (another demand) you apologize!" Of course he is not getting one! (maybe that is when the woodshed thought flashed into my mind?) Grrrrrrrrr

    Then he begged me not to tell his teacher. "Why don't you do this in front of your teacher?" "I am not going to behave like this in front of the other kids." "Well, you can't behave like this and not expect the whole world to know about it."

    I was doing dishes - ran out of dishwashing detergent! Horrid no good rotten day! :mad: (actually maybe a good thing since I wouldn't have known to buy any if I wasn't doing this task)

    I am off to the grocery store now - maybe I can find some peace and quiet and calming lotion - should be free to everyone - just hard to come by on some days (and years)! :alien:

    On the up side - easy child was very respectful to me today and engaged me in a short conversation that SHE started! :surprise:

    Maybe there is hope yet? :tongue:

    Sure feels good to vent though and let off harmless steam!
  5. Wiped Out

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    Sorry difficult child is so difficult child right now. I remember when easy child was young and trying to help her "get" math. Talk about frustrating! Then she had a great teacher in 8th grade and math clicked for her. You deserve a relaxing evening-I hope you get it! Yeah for easy child!
  6. Jena

    Jena New Member


    i'm sorry you had a rough time today. i've been there as well in regards to the homework stuff it can be a true nightmare experience. i'm glad to hear that your daughter spoke to you today and began the conversation on her own. that is hope.

    i hope that your grocery shopping went well and you found your cream of choice :)

    tomorrow will be better
  7. TerryJ2

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    He asks, "Hey mom, do you know why they call these problems?" "Because they are a pain to do."

    LOL! Love it!

    So sorry about the recopying. been there done that. ARg.

    Is he making it more complicated or is that the way he's supposed to do it? Maybe he's a lot smarter than he gives himself credit for.
  8. DammitJanet

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    Shhhhh...Andy...we have woodsheds on our 8 acres down here in
  9. Pookybear66

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    Sorry you had one of those no good very rotten days. I love math so if difficult child needs some help understanding something you are welcome to swing it by me. And vent all you want-I for one will listen.
  10. Andy

    Andy Active Member

    Thank you!

    Pookey - I also love math. It was always my favorite subject. I think that is why this is so frustrating for me. He is in his refusing to accept help from anyone mode. I want so much to help when he gets to algebra but if this keeps up I will not be able to. (actually, I will probably ask for the book to do the problems myself)

    Janet - I will secretly keep that in mind. One of these days if you hear someone near one, it may just be me bringing a difficult child for a visit. LOL

    Terry - I can't figure out if he is making it more difficult. He just doesn't want to spend the time and work the process that long math calls for. He doesn't want to show his work - he will get partial credit if the teacher can find where the error was.

    Jennifer - I think I did find the cream of choice in my solo shopping trip. However as I was loading groceries into the van I thought, "Now why did I just do this? I should have gone shopping at other places first. Can't continue to enjoy my freedom with perishables in the vehicle."

    Wiped Out, KTmom, and Daisy - Thanks for the support. The evening went much better after my escape to the grocery store.

    We got to school this morning to find he had left 1/2 of the work at home. I came home before going to school at lunch time to take it in.

    Tonight we had to deal with Science. The teacher wants him to include complete sentences and more information in his answers. He doesn't understand how she is giving him a 2nd chance. He doesn't want a 2nd chance because that means he has to redo something. Not a fun trip to Fargo.

    I talked to his tutor about what we needed him to do. By the time I picked him up from tutoring, he had his science rewritten in the format he is suppose to. He adores his tutor so I asked the tutor to encourage him to do it the way the teacher asked.

    I let him attend a play group at church tonight. There was only one other kid there. The leader said the two got along great until toward the end. difficult child doesn't always have patience for this girl so maybe the one to one play time was good for both of them?
  11. Pookybear66

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    LOL Andy. I have a hard time not wanting to do the work for my DS too. His map project looked so easy-I could've had it done in 10 minutes. I chose however, to make one alongside of him so we made sure we had all the required elements AND it kept him on task.

    I never did quite understand why teachers always wanted you to "show your work". Once I understood the procedure I just solved the problem. It was frustrting to me to show my work. I noticed in your profile that he likes baseball. There is a lot of statistics in baseball figures. Maybe your son will be more interested if the math has a reason and is geared toward that. Maybe you can find a way for him to "practice" by computing some things on his own for his favorite teams/or the playoffs or something.

    Have a good day!