Maybe now he'll start using his pill box...

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  1. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    husband forgot his evening medications on Tuesday (he thought he'd already taken them) and he's been paying for it ever since. :ashamed: He had several small to moderate autonomic seizures yesterday and a doozy of one this morning. He said it felt like an earthquake inside his body (but externally, nothing was happening), like he was shaking. His intestines get all twisted up (you can hear loud bowel sounds for at least a half hour afterwards), he feels like he's gonna hurl from both ends, he gets dizzy and light headed and basically it's like he's having a wild short circuit throughout his body. This last one had him freaked out and running to the couch because he thought he was going to fall down from the perceived shaking -- I told him to just lie down on the floor next time or he really MIGHT fall down!

    So maybe now he'll actually use the pill box? Huh? Ya think? :hammer:
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    How scary! Those seizures sound awful!

    Just wondering....what happens if husband gets these symptoms while driving? Does he have enough warning to get to the side of the road first?

    He'd best be careful!!!

    (And yes, it will help to use the pill box. Hope this was motivating enough!)

  3. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    He usually gets enough of an aura warning that he can pull over if he has to. And now that we know what these are and what to do, he's prepared to deal with it appropriately. The worst episode he's had did happen while he was driving (this was before we knew what was going on and before his brain surgery) and he did black out temporarily, ending up on the wrong side of the road. But fortunately, it hasn't happened in the car very much at all, especially since he went on the medications. He's usually pretty stable except when he forgets a dose like this time.
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    Star* call 911

    That must have really been scary, and to top it off living in California where you are subject to earthquakes AND mudslides. :tongue:....sheesh!

    I'm sorry for him...really I am. Last week I was so tired, drained, felt like my old (pre new lifestyle self). Thought WHAT is going on? I too got a pill box. I had one bottle of antidepressants with 12 pills left in it and one new bottle (this is why I have BEGGED the pharmacy to PLEASE coordinate all my medications to renew on one single day - it's too much to keep up with 7 medications)

    So I had just started this pill box thing. Okay - sort, sort sort.....sort, sort, sort, sort.....good Mondays done. Repeat through Sunday. Then Saturday night I'm sitting there and DF brings me the bucket o' pills to refill the box with and I said...."Um...where's my Metformin - the diabetes medicine?" We look. Nothing here, there. So I said.."Well then WHAT in the blue blazes have I been taking as Metformin all week?" (slap head)

    TWO....TWO Antidepressants (said like the count on Sesame Street) bwah ha ha..(laugh like the count on Sesame Street). I said "Oh gosh no wonder I've been feeling so tired, and sluggish." and without missing a beat smarty pants DF says "Yes, but you sure haven't been sad or unusually distraught about it, had any suicidal thoughts or mood-swings, and you have been a little happier than normal." - then he snickers at his own joke.

    Yeah - it was cute. And I suppose I'll tell him next month that I've been substituting that nasty tasting (he can't stand it) Splenda not only in the sugar bowl for myself, but in his little sugar container as well. :tongue: (snickers at own joke too)

    ALSO -----just for husband....and I've started doing this and it's saved me mucho times. I keep 2 full sets of my daily medications now in an emergency pill box in my purse. Maybe he can keep something like that in his briefcase or something that he has access to all the time?
  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    While the two-pill-box approach sounds good in theory, with the way his mind works (or doesn't) he'd be more likely to double dose himself!
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    Wow! Poor guy. Scary and ... scary. Ugh.

    So sorry.

    Sheesh, Star, I can only imagine what it would be like if you were happier than normal. That's like saying Richard Simmons is happier than normal!