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  1. Plexicos

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    So I discovered meditation about 2 years ago, and while I am not as consistent as I would like to be (read: havent meditated in months), I think it is an incredibly valuable tool, which can help H., my girlfriend's 8 year old, a lot. But of course, he is unable to concentrate on anything for more than a few seconds, and nothing seems more boring to an 8 year old than doing nothing.

    So... I'm wondering if anyone here has tried meditating with their child, and if they were at all successful.
  2. ForeverSpring

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    Mediation? What do you mean? In court? At home? I doubt it will work if it's just you and your girlfriend. He needs professional help.
  3. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    I think he is talking meditation, not mediation. While not a cure-all I think it could be helpful if you could get difficult child to do it. At 8, my difficult child probably wouldn't have been able to sit still long enough. Have you tried it at all? How has it gone?
  4. Plexicos

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    I sat down with him once. That lasted about 20 seconds. But he has suddenly shown an interest in it, and I would like to try it again. Trying to figure out best time of day for this, as well as whether he should be on his ritalin or not for it.
  5. dstc_99

    dstc_99 Well-Known Member

    I would say whenever he is most calm and yes when he is on his medications.

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  6. Plexicos

    Plexicos New Member

    Problem is, thats in the morning. Dont know how that will work before school.
  7. dstc_99

    dstc_99 Well-Known Member

    That may be the perfect time to get him calmer and more centered for the rest of his day. Of course he might have to get up a little earlier.
  8. Plexicos

    Plexicos New Member

    And so would I, which is just as big of a problem :)