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    OK, so my difficult child was hospitalized on Thursday. When she went in she was (supposed) to be taking Lamictal, Abilify and Seroquel. Since then they have taken her off the seroquel and added Risperdal and Trileptal.
    Does anyone else think that is a bit much?
    And how do they think she will be able to afford these? The hospital told me I could put her in a Boarding school (can't afford it) move my easy child out of the home (because it isn't safe for them to be alone), or find another place for difficult child to live. So I told her last night that if she could find someone to have them call me so we could work something out.
    I am just so overwhelmed and confused and VERY FRUSTURATED.

    Denita :eek:)
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    What is the reasoning for changing one AP for another, and why two? I have heard of adding 2 mood stabilizers and having lower doses on each to help lower side effects. If they do not think she should live at home,than do they think the medication change is really helping? Are there any state Residential Treatment Center (RTC)'s where you live that operate on a sliding scale bases? Also, sometimes school districts pay for an Residential Treatment Center (RTC) if it is the best placement and they can't accomodate her at school. You could start looking into what your state mental health offers, or call the NAMI in your state to ask them for informative help.
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    Sometimes too many medications can be as harmful as too few. You really need to ask the docs the reasoning behind their medication choices.
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    I haven't even met with them yet. I asked the nurse if they were taking her off any of the others and she said no.
    So, I am waiting (patiently) for the therapist to call me back so that I can ask her what their treatment plan is and what all the medications are for and what their opinion of our situation is.
    I am taking LOTS of deep breathes and trying to stay sane.