Melissa & I applied at same place today

Sue C

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Well, we both put our applications at a horse hospital/clinic close to our home. They weren't advertising needing help, but we checked them out on a whim. I was told they would look over my application for part-time office assistant work. Melissa was told they definitely needed part-time barn help and would look over her application.

Melissa also filled out an application at a dog kennel place for kennel help--cleaning up doo doo. Wow--she has changed in what she's looking for in a job.

I'll keep you posted if either of us lands a job. :princess:



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Maybe she could start her own business. I read an article in the paper a few months ago that in some areas, picking up dog doo is big business (everyone quit laughing, I really did read an article about this). People pay someone to pick up their yards on a regular basis the same way they pay someone to clean their houses. The people mentioned in the article were making more money than some people who are working more traditional, but not well-paying, jobs. If you live in or near a fairly affluent area, it might be worth a shot.

In any case, I'll be rattling beads and crossing body parts for both of you in your job hunts.


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You're right, when I lived in NJ there was a business called "Major Doody" that went to people's homes and cleaned up after their pets for them. The guys wore t-shirts that read "GOT POOP?" I thought it was hysterical but apparently the guy was making a very good living doing it!


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Huh.......too bad I didn't know that growing up. I would have charged my parents! That was one of my regular chores. (We had three acres but the dogs felt the need to do their business right up by the front of the house.) :hammer:


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I heard an add on the radio in my area a few weeks ago when I was sitting in the dentist chair. I can't remember the name, but it's hard to laugh with a mouth full of dental utensils!!!I couldn't believe they actually had their own business picking up dog poop.
Hey you could call it Poop happens!!!

Sue C

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Janet -- Well, Melissa had asked me why she couldn't be an office assistant. I told her well, while you do have good computer skills, you have no experience as an office assistant hate talking on the phone to strangers.

Neither of us has heard back yet. I have not heard back from the church, and the City job has not started interviews yet. What a long process this is.

I called about a part-time office position in the paper this morning to find out the days/hours. The girl told me 7:30 am - 4 pm. I said uh....that's not part time. She said she didn't know why the ad said part time. So much for that job.



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Sue~ Glad you two applied at the horse clinic. I also think the dog kennel is great!

You never understand what great satisfaction can come with working with animals until you experience it...

I think Melissa can experience challenges and confidence and triumphs that she would never experience in another work place.

Thanks for the update, good luck to you both

HH :bravo: