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    Now, this is what happens when funds are cut from mental health services and given to doctor. FWIW, the places they link to at the bottom of the article cannot help this person- I tried contacting both these agencies and DSS and the team of all of them for help with difficult child prior to him pulling the knife on me and he isn't even an adult; NAMI doesn't get directly involved and the Dept. of Mental Health and DSS will push it back to doctor/Department of Juvenile Justice when the person is already involved with them. Of course, chances are this guy will reoffend and be put right back into incarceration, meaning he'll never be able to get out of the doctor system so he can access help thru the other systems. But they don't want to spend money "institutionalizing" people in mental health facilities??? They don't want to spend money training people in doctor about mental health or providing mental health treatment to people who need it?? They want to spend money just to protect the public from people, but what about the next victim of this guy?

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    Just another fine example about how truly inadequate and downright broken the system is for dealing with the brain disordered in the prison/jail systems. There is a huge black hole for these people, when what they really need is very close follow-up and comprehensive support.
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    yup. doctor has him on their radar. Until the next story is aired on the news. Then it will be back to the motel or another one. Chances are he is in another motel with no help or supervision.

    They just want it all to be overlooked. There are so many stories like this that don't make the news. It is truly sickening.

    You would think, as he has a conviction against children, that they would take MORE care, rather than less. There I go, thinking again.
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    I find the whole thing very sad. The second article, which is actually the first one written, shows the man is obviously mentally ill, not evil. And yes, he'll be back at some point- then half the people will be wondering why the family didn't do something to prevent it. I know this sounds like it's in jest, but why is it that the not many people besides warrior moms seem to have common sense anymore?