Met with school this AM-

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Seems difficult child still has a chance to pull through afterall. Her latest progress report showed her failing everything. Yes, everything except ART.

In my meeting with her school's director (she's in a charter school) and English teacher we were able to see that since the 3rd quarter still has about 3 weeks left, difficult child could still pull up her overall grades and potentially graduate in June. I am relieve but skeptical.

difficult child stepped into the office about midway through our meeting, sat down, and owned up to the fact that she hasn't been doing her work (kinda hard to deny). She promised that she would work more closely with her tutors and hand in assignments. The director explained to her that should she fail for the year, she can take summer school courses and graduate in August, but then she would miss the graduation ceremony and hoopla. She wants to graduate with her friends (and of course enjoy some hoopla).

We've been limiting her at home a lot, but now I think we've been limiting her in the wrong areas. We've been grounding her and making it virtually impossible for her to go out with friends, we've limited the internet access and took away her cell (for other reasons). But she's been on the phone non-stop, which, lets face it, if she is on the phone, she won't be doing her hw and studying. Sooooo, I am lifting the grounding and making it partial. I and limiting her daily phone use to one hour and I am NOT going to cancel her driving test.

She is doing excellent at her job and will need her license when school ends and needs to get to and from work. She's saved over $1200 since last August and she wants to get a little cheap car this Summer. I am okay with that.

I think allowing her to get her license and a car will help her be more responsible and autonomous - less dependent. Maybe it will help her see that growing up isn't such a drag, because that's what she's been saying for a couple of months now and we believe that's why she has dropped that ball at school. She is afraid of what comes next.

I sure hope I'm doing the right thing. I've tried everything else. Please keep a good thought - thanks.


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<span style='font-family: Georgia'> <span style='font-size: 14pt'> <span style="color: #6600CC"> down here if a kid doesn't have enough credits to graduate, but can do them in summer school is they allow them to walk & fully participate & then let them do the summer school stuff. they just get a blank diploma folder at the ceremony, us that an option.

since all the grounding doesn't seem to having the desired impact i agree that lightening up might help. if they get too much punishment they get overwhelmed & just shut down altogether.

hope this works.

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If they lack the credits or passing grades to graduate in June, they are excluded from the ceremony altogether - they can't even cheer on their classmates. It sounds crummy, but I think that's the point!

Thanks Kris.