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    Star* call 911........call 911

    Well folks! I'm up and running with a stupit fast, ultra wide system. I shaved it down from a SATA hard drive although can upgrade, and I'm going so fast I can't believe it. It used to take 10 minutes in between posts just to answer one post. So haven't been on much. (soo sorry)

    Now? I have a newer problem. My Mouse. Maybe you can help me? I have an acer wide screen, flat screen - 1st ever. I really love it, and it took me years to decide. See, I'm not the worlds quickest decision maker. Just got a microwave about 10 years ago, digital camera 3 years ago..and so on. But here's the thing. My mouse keeps getting lost on this screen and I keep having to make circles on my mouse pad (I use one with a wrist gel support due to Carpal Tunnel) and the little bugger goes off the screen, won't go to the left of the screen -

    Anyone have any suggestions on catching this kind of mouse? I mean if it were furry? I'd be all over it with ideas, but this one?

    And SINCE WHEN did they start making computer without a green mouse plug thingamabob? Had to go out and get a usb mouse. :surprise:Talk about progressive.
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    Is this a laser mouse? My laser mouse does this sometimes and I have to put something under it that has a tiny bit of texture to it instead of being too smooth. on the other hand, if it's an older mouse and not a laser, try taking the little ball out and cleaning it off, along witth the little "wheels' inside that turn around the ball. Those are the only two things I know of.
  3. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    My mouse is -------(oh did you set me up for that one) NEUTERED. It has a light. I'll try the paper. Maybe it's not house trained. Thanks. I have a spandex mousepad. Maybe it wants Organza, or a nice Crenoline?
  4. susiestar

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    Have you gone into the control panel to change the mouse settings? It may take some tinkering to find what you like. Some themes will also let you customize what the mouse looks like on screen, instead of just using an arrow. husband used to drive me batty changing that - a wand for Harry Potter, a little ship of some kind from Star Wars, etc...

    If it is a problem that cannot be fixed that way, make sure the mouse is clean the way klmno says. If you need a mouse pad try using a sheet of fun foam from the craft section of WM or any craft store. They are usually several for a dollar, are easy to clean (can even be washed with soap and water if needed) and can be trimmed to any size/shape that you want.
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    I can't help you if your mouse won't get caught in a trap. If you love the furry "mice" drive yourself up here to Indy and get them all. My rat terriers aren't earning their bob tails, LOL.
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    Spandex is SO 80's, Star. Natural fabrics are all the rage now. You know, something sustainable, maybe woven from donkey hair...
  7. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh donkey hair mouse pad!!! NOW yer thinkin' girl. And Tawnya. I live with Mr. Miyagi (pootie girls alter ego) About a week ago I was sitting in a chair and I saw a fly buzzing around. So did my Pootie. Well about the time I went to get the fly swatter? I saw her get up, watched her head bobble, bobble and SNAP! Then I heard PHOO! The Snap was her catching the fly in her teeth just like Mr Miyagi with the chop sticks. The Phoo was her spitting it out on the carpet and the Lording over it; daring it to move. DF calls her Lord of the Flies. I think Mr. Miyagi has more of a skill level sound to it.
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    It's a ninja Poot...I'm impressed!
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    you can make the mouse pointer bigger...in vista and win 7 it's in control panel, ease of access option
  11. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    Mamma of 5 - I BIGGIE SIZED that bugger the very first thing - that and told the computer to "shut-it".........omg WHY didn't they give us an option of voices like they do for e=cards? I would have picked Sean Connery or something like that. Not that annoying woman's voice. And Pooties Hair bow is a=DORABLE..........

    What I'm talking about is the screen is SO W I D E my pointer keeps getting lost and I have to make little circles with my mouse and then take my keyboard off, and move the mouse over <--------------------- and then big BIG swirls over ------------> it's crazy. I have a laser mouse that's corded......I gave up trying the wireless mouse. Even this one does it too........and I put material under it and it's STILL doing it. It's like it's saying OMG the screen is TOO BIG.
  12. Mamaof5

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    you can also put what's called a pointer trail mark on it. control panel, mouse and it's in pointer options under visibility. click on pointer trail and adjust length of trail to liking.