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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by JMom, Feb 3, 2020.

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    Okay peeps, I started midnight shift 3 weeks ago, (9pm-7am) and I have midnight brain. I never know what day it is and have to use a Monday-Sunday pill box and alarms to remember EVERYTHING. LAWD help me!
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    Reminds me of when I would be assigned the dreaded 23:00-07:00 shift back when I was still doing annual reserve duty. Being on motorized patrol was OK; you and the rest of the crew would keep each other awake. Being alone in a guard tower was the worst. A thermos of very strong Turkish coffee kept me awake. I would be a zombie the next day but what choice did I have?

    Good luck!
  3. JMom

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    Thank you! I work alone, so coffee is my best friend!
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    You've got to try Turkish coffee. You can buy Israeli stuff at any kosher grocery store. I imagine that Arabic, Greek or Turkish groceries would have it too. It's medium-high roasted beans ground till they're pulverized. You can put a heaping spoonful in your mug and add boiling water or you can get one of these:


    and make it the old-fashioned way.

    Coffee is definitely one of G-d's cooler inventions.
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    I will definitely try it!