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    I know it is a pain in the rear that Katie's family doesn't own a car. I know it probably better than anyone since I do the bulk of her transportation.

    Holidays are a rough time to transport them. I want their whole family to enjoy the holiday......as well as with us. That is 6 people to transport, plus food. (at xmas add in presents)

    In my saturn......well, I can't fit 3 adults and 3 children (two the size of adults) plus myself who has to do the driving. I have managed 5 by breaking a few laws and lots of complaints, which I don't much blame them for as they're pretty squished. I don't want biomom left out. Regardless of Katie's campaign to make me believe her mother has suddenly turned anti-social, I don't want the woman spending major holidays alone. It's not right.

    Nichole is bringing her smaller car as it's better on gas. She has to travel an hour each way, I don't blame her.

    So I sort of asked easy child if she would pick up katie's family. She has a vehicle that would seat them comfortably without potential damage being done to the food they're bringing to dinner tomorrow. I knew before I asked there would either be protest or excuses. There was. She wanted to know why Nichole wasn't doing so......phht. easy child said they wouldn't fit in her car due to the car seats. Well, gee, the girl drives half block up the frigging alley to my house. I think she could skip car seats for one or two holidays without disaster striking.

    Once again I will have to interrupt what I'm busy doing prepping the meal to go pick up Katie's family, attempt to fit both them and the food into the car.....not the least bit fun......without ruining their clothes because I'm requiring everyone to be dressed up for holidays. It interrupts my visiting. It throws off my schedule and tends to make the rest of the day chaotic for me. (brain thing)

    Irritates me. Nichole has transported them several times. Would it really be that big a deal for easy child to drop her family here and go pick them up? OMG She might have to be alone with her sister and family for 15 whole minutes. Let me whip out my violin.

    Then?? We have the "shocked" routine about dressing up for the holidays. Seriously? I'm not asking for tuxedo's people. Just for them to dress in their best. easy child was less than thrilled even though I have a suit here that should fit Darrin. What is so wrong with that? They grew up dressing up for the holidays. I even picked up nice tops / sweaters and khaki pants for Katie's boys. It's not just easy child but katie too. Oh, biomom has nothing to wear. Will pooh. I have a whole wardrobe that will fit the woman that I can't wear full of dress clothes that look like new for Pete's sake. I plan to let her go through them and "shop" in the future but wanted my mom to shop them first as she can't find a thing to fit her that looks nice and we have similar tastes.

    A PITA? Maybe. But guess what? It is for ME too. I've dropped at least 3 sizes. I've managed to pick up some nice tops but I'm still unsure of whether I own anything yet to wear with them that I consider dressy enough. We can't even seem to find Travis' winter wardrobe and so I have to look for it today and wash him something suitable to wear. This is on top of everything else I have to do today. Shoot me people. If it inconveniences you I just really don't want to hear it.

    Yet another petty thing?? easy child was upset over the menu and who was making what. Now yes, Nichole and I worked on it, but we also ran it past Katie and easy child to see if it was ok with them or they wanted to change it around as to who was making whatever or something else. That was a few weeks ago. A day or so ago easy child tells me she is upset because she got only "easy" things to make and we didn't choose her to make the sweet potato casserole. I explained to her that we'd tried to make it "easy" on everyone.....we do have 4 cooks, no reason for it to be hard on any of us. easy child was already doing a lot of baking because she's been selling pumpkin bread and pumpkin rolls and the like. So we figured she loves to bake and would be busy with it anyway so we gave her the baking except for the pies because Nichole wanted to try to do them this year. I wanted to come up with something easy for Katie to do that she could manage cost wise. She got the broccoli casserole and the sweet potatoes. I took the turkey, stuffing, gravy, and mashed potatoes because it's all done here anyway. So last minute katie doesn't want to do sweet potatoes cuz they're "hard". wtf? You open the can, dump it into a pan, add brown sugar, bring it to a boil, drain it, add a little butter, mash it, dump it into a casserole dish, layer with marshmallows and stick it into the oven and brown.......hard???? omg Yes, I know easy child wants to do the sweet potatoes from scratch, but that is beside the point. Katie is not to that point in her cooking skills yet and I wanted her contributing to this meal the same as everyone else. Katie wants to do the broccoli, which actually IS hard. *smacks forehead* So now, menu has been changed and I *think* all the traditional foods everyone is counting on eating will be served......and perhaps a few extra things I'm not even sure what they are thrown in because Katie wanted to make them.
    And now I dunno even how I'm going to manage to get Katie's whole family over to the house. :sochildish:
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    Honestly, who complains because they have an "easy" thing to do? People complain when they have to do something hard. It sounds like she is just being difficult because maybe she is miserable in her own life. She works hard, has 3 kids and a husband. It's hard and can sometimes get the better of a person. As for her picking up Katie, it seems like the same reason. Tell her she will, and don't let her argue, be firm. Sometimes you have to- even with a easy child, even one who's grown. They're all complaining about getting dressed up, ignore it. If you were my mom I would complain too (I wore tights and a sweatshirt) but I would still do it. They will because they respect you and love you. It'll be fine Hound. It's gonna be a great day. I have been trying to give you a life on Candy Crush, but don't know how--I'm sorry, please tell me how you do it. And a million thanks for all the lives you gave me!
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    I dunno how to send lives. It gives me the option quite often to do so and I click on the ok button. How to randomly send them though, I dunno. lol

    I will likely turn this into a more major vent as the evening wears on. My mood is going into a very bad place...........and I'm trying to get the cleaning done......and I'm not sure if that is making it better or worse.
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    (((((hugs))))) Either ignore their idiotic protests or else tell them that if they want to host the celebration at their own homes then they can do that next year and they can set the rules.

    As for easy child not wanting to pick up Katie and her family, I would DROWN her in guilt over all you must do, iwth the food, the cleaning, etc and how long it will take you to make the trips and the amt of gas it will take etc... Also I would say if it is half a block, sheand her crew should WALK except if the baby is sick. Otherwise, how are they getting their exercise to stay healthy? trust me, there would be so much of my schedule poured on that girl she would be BEGGING me to go pick up her sister. And yes, I HAVE done things I did NOT want to do for a holiday simply because my parents asked. It does not MATTER what they want, their house, they ask, they get.
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    I'd drown her in guilt, too, except... I don't think she'd get it... Well, maybe. But easy child is a tad self-centered. OK, sorry, but it's true.

    :hugs: Lisa... We love you!
  6. Hound dog

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    Mood is gone, at least for now.

    easy child picked me up to go to walmart for bread as she needed to get one of their today sale items for the boys for xmas.

    Nana........well, Nana saw bargains out the wazoo and had a field day. Turns out some of my "mood" was the whole no time to make projects I'd planned for xmas and really no time to shop for it either. I got an awful lot of it done in just one day for just about half price on everything I picked up.

    No, I didn't eat today until after 10 pm when we were finished. Still have the bathroom to clean. And I plan to be up and ready to leave the house by 6:30 am for kmart's sale. (they have items I want for the little boys if I can get them)

    I'll pick Katie and family up or Nichole will. I'll deal. Biomom opted out. That does irk me no end, but I won't force her into doing it. Maybe I should. But I'd like to see them rebuild their relationship one day. Once they were very very close. I don't want to give easy child another reason to resent her sister.
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    Hope your thanksgiving went well with everyone behaving themselves.
  8. Hound dog

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    Thanks Liahona.

    Our thanksgiving is tomorrow evening. I'll let everyone know how it goes. :)
  9. Star*

    Star* call 911........call 911

    I have some ADLUAH flour sacks -------(local FLOUR mill) and glitter, and glue. You can send those to her and the whole famdamily - and tell them either get ta gluin' or find something that will suite YOU as a little dress-up and let her pick. They say that's what is best for "out smarting" picky children when you are trying to get them to dress well. Give them a choice. YOUR choice of the choice you REALLY want them to wear.

    Personally AdLUAH makes some super soft flour sacks.......and my glitter is top shelf.