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    With the limited freedoms in difficult children situation - he is home a lot and very frustrated. He wants his car back - wants to go do things and furious when he is not allowed. Of course, it mostly gets directed toward me. I HATE it and its not fair. HE put himself in this situation. He had a ton of freedoms when we were under the impression that he was doing well - HE has lost his privileges - but he blames me. He said po and I r trying to control him - doesn't care if he goes to detention "it will only be for a month"....he doesn't feel he should be working hard at anything right now - just everyone should get off his back. I do let him use my car - with time limits and not when I need it - that isn't good enough for him. I'm so frustrated by his lack of understanding of his situation and his lack of understanding for my situation too for that matter.
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    Be strong. You're right, he's wrong. If he wants a car so much, he can get a job, save the money, and buy one himself. Then he can pay for the repairs, the insurance, and the gasoline.
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    they will blame you cause difficult children are never wrong. Expect it but ignore it when possible and deal with it when you need to.

    Kennedy's right. If he doesn't like it, then go earn one of your own.

    what are his plans when school gets out?
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    His plan and ours if for him to be working - he has been looking for a job but not very hard - he is out of cigarette money now so hopefully his efforts will increase - I also think his schooling will have to continue over the summer - he is very behind from rehab and he was already failing all of his classes before then. I am just praying he can find.a job - I am shocked to find out that most employers prefer 18 and up - for food reason I'm sure.