More invasion of our privacy--photos

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by TerryJ2, Oct 1, 2009.

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    I think everyone takes a picture of their kids in the bathtub. I know I have some of those. In bubblebaths so you can't see much I suppose, but still it's obvious they're in the tub. I also have one of difficult child when he was about 2 - after his bath while I was grabbing his pjs he took off, grabbling a little plastic cowboy hat he got at a birthday party and climbed on to his spring horse. It was so funny I snapped a couple pics. They're from the side so you can't see anything but it's obvious he's naked but for the hat. I've teased him and said if/when he gets engaged I'm going to give that picture to his girlfriend. I guess I better not, I could be accused of distribution of child porn.

    I'm very much that our kids have to be protected from this kind of thing. Nothing makes me angrier than those who hurt children. But people need to have a little commen sense with this stuff. A couple pics like this in a roll of family photos doesn't make child porn.
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    I think honestly..............a person can pretty much easily tell an innocent snapshot from kiddie porn. I have nude pics of my kids as infants in the bath. Not kiddie porn. Sorry. Although due to the stupidness of others........all my kids were told to take tub photos and the like with their digitals in order to avoid trouble.

    I mean, I somehow doubt most child porn rings bring their film to wallie world to be developed. sheesh Most especially when digital photos are all the rage and is much simpler, faster, and convienent.

    I stopped having photos develped many years ago because of this, back when this first started. I won't have a dept store tell me what I can and can't photograph. I don't condone kiddie porn.....personally think those involved need some good ol' fashion torture with a public hanging for desert....but who gives dept stores the right to decide what's porn and what's an innocent baby picture??

    Sorry. Sore spot with me. I've got a picture of Travis as a baby folks........taking by walmart photographers.......with him in a tub. Ok kid had his diaper on, but one wouldn't know it by looking at the picture. So??? Hmmmmm??
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    There was a huge case in Ohio a few years back that was very similar. It's absurd. Cases like this make me sick. It's happened several times. You would think they would have learned?

    Yet, have you noticed commercials with nude babies? They're parts are hidden, but they are completely unclothed.

    Such a double standard.
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    DCFS is out of control. We need a class action lawsuit. Actually, we need 50 - one for every state. They need to be forced into following due process and the constitution.
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    When I testified in court that time I said it appears that many people in our society these days have no common sense. This is a prime example.
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    I have been following this a much as possible BECAUSE 19 years ago - when Dude was a biddy biddy baby we took the usual first bath pictures and baby on the blanket pics and I was "detained" at the Walgreens.

    The police were called and fortunately for me - my x's family was in law enforcement and the officers called were family's friends and I was allowed to take my pictures, proofs and go home - but it was VERY scary to think that they made such a big deal over a tiny baby's penis.

    I never took pictures of him nude again -

    These people have been drug through hell - she lost her job - and everything....and the kids have just been traumatized. SOMEONE owes them BIG as far as I'm concerned.

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    All I can say is THANK GOD that my kids are older now and that I got all that out of the way, unscathed! For Pete's sake! I have pics of my kids nekkid....they are my kids...I'm not selling them on the internet and they certainly aren't for jolly's...How can you not have a picture of your kid in the bathtub when they are little? They have so much fun when they are little and it's innocent. A little discretion is needed by the authorities every now and then. To take these kids away from their parents for six months because they took pics of their child in a tub is absurd.