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Guess I need to update that tag line.... Means I have been coming here for 5 years!! Yes he is in a sober living house. No way would I pay rent or sign any kind of lease on an apartment for him. Not taking that kind of responsibility. We pay the rent directly. He also has to stay involved with the IOP that he has been working with. This is a great program and the therapists there know him and know what they are doing and have been responsive to me. This has been the latest issue in that he stopped going.... And went back when he realized that our paying rent or helping him at all financially depended on him doing that. And clearly he needs to get a job and the IOP will support him in doing that. And we will be cutting our support in the next couple of weeks.... We want to help him get on his feet but he needs to keep doing what he needs to do. He is also looking at going to community college and is in the process of taking their placement tests. This would be a very good thing for him as he has not yet been to college and this has come totally from him.