Moving to IV drug use?


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My difficult child is still on the run. From what we can tell, he's bouncing from couch to couch.

It has come to our attention that he may have moved on to IV drug use. We were told he was shooting up Suboxone, possibly other things as well. First of all, I didn't know one could get high from Suboxone?! Where did he get it, and who showed him how to inject it?!

My level of worry went up a notch, though we always worried our son's drug use would quickly escalate if we didn't get him under control. Which is why we sent him to rehab twice in the last 9 months. Obviously I now know that it's beyond our control.

He's also suicidal again, sending us texts and posting things on social media about not wanting to go on. We cannot locate him to have him hospitalized. Plus, since hes 18, we're told it will be very difficult to get him admitted against his will.

I didn't think my heart could break any further!? Im ashamed to admit it but i I asked my husband when we start planning our child's funeral.


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I'm so very sorry for your pain and angst.

Can the police not find him by checking cell phone towers? I believe you could show that he has intent to harm himself by his texts and social media.

Hugging you tightly from here to there, hoping you can get some closure soon about where he is...and then try to have him admitted based on his texts. Normally I let go and let God, but in this case, I may try contacting some friends on his FB who may know where he's at to try to get him hospitalized. If a person is homicidal or suicidal, they can be committed against their will. And you have proof.

I truly hope he is just blowing off steam. We are all pulling for you here.


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Oh man I feel your pain. I am so sorry you are going through this. You may want to go to court and see if you can put in for a section for substance use. If it goes through they can commit him to rehab against his well. I know you dont know where he is but if you go there they can put out a warrant to pick him and bring him in and evaluate him.... at least that is what happens in my state.

One of my biggest fears with my difficult child is that he will move to IV drug use and he may already have for all I know. I know he will try anything.

So my heart goes out to you. We try so hard to help them and yet it ends up being up to them.

Please take care of yourself.


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My daughter had moved on to shooting up as well...I was certain she was not going to see her 21st birthday. But we are in a much different place today. There is hope. I am so sorry for your hurting mommy heart. I remember that pain well.

Remember - you did not cause it, you cannot control it and you cannot cure it. Hard, I know...


I was told last week that my difficult child was now doing IV drugs. difficult child's ex girlfriend (also a difficult child) texted me with that piece of news. Who knows what the truth is. But the thought of it horrifies me. At the time I wanted to get in my car and go searching for him. And then what? What if I did find him? Does that mean I could save him? No. I have already tried EVERYTHING I can to save him. And nothing has worked. What can I do now? Thanks to everyone here, I know that the only thing I can do is NOTHING. I can let go and pray that he finds his way and makes the right choices. I can hope that he uses the pages and pages of resources and phone numbers and doctors and shelters that I gave him. I can remember that he knows when he truly wants change and help, I will be here. I remember that he does know right from wrong and he is responsible for his choices. And when the pain of watching my child self destruct becomes overwhelming, I think of all the moms here, we are all in this together and we undertand the torture of living this horror. But we will get through it. We can learn to live with the pain, in spite of the pain. Through pain comes growth. Sending you hugs. I am sorry you hurting so much.


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I am so sorry comaheart. Know that you and your difficult child are in my thought and prayers.

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Dear Comaheart, when I read your first paragraph I felt a stab in my heart. Even now I've got.tears.I will be praying for your.peace and comfort and that you will find him. He knows you love him.I'm very sorry for your mommyheart .I myself do not.know 20 yr.old Son is or who try not to worry but I still cannot help it. Again,lifting you up in prayer.


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MWM, I think it depends on where you live when it comes to having someone committed for threats of suicide. I called the police on my difficult child several times when she threatened to kill herself and was told by the police that it is not against the law to threaten to kill yourself so there was nothing that they could do. So, basically, here in GA, they have to follow through and hurt themselves or worse before they would be able to commit them.

However, in Florida where difficult child lives now, they an be baker acted if they even threaten to kill themselves and it is an automatic 72 hour hold. They can even be baker acted if they don't participate in treatment which is why our interventionist really likes to send her clients to rehabs in Florida.

comaheart, my heart is breaking for you. I'm so sorry that you are going through this nightmare.



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Kathy, wow. It's too bad. We let the mentally ill out on the streets and now, in some states, we can not even protect their lives.

Thank you for the information.

Comaheart, my heart is with you and you have my prayers. Remember...our difficult children tend to survive. Sometimes we wonder how, but they do. I hope you have resolution to this soon.

Hugs to you.


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Coma, I am thinking of you and your whole family, including your son, today. I am praying for you all. I hope so much that he will be okay and something good will come of this terrible situation.

Warm hugs and mighty prayers.


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Thank you all! They are turning sedation down today and we'll see if we can wake him up and get him off the vent. I'm trying to remain hopeful.