Moving without a job??

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    I pretty much have to move from this area but I don't have a job. I have (had) a career that has plummetted with the economy and the *few* jobs that might be there in this field, well, I'm not going to get. So I'm faced with being over-qual'd, unemployed professional trying to get a job doing anything, and honestly, even entry level employers don't want to hire a person like that. And they sure won't hire one moving in from a different area like that. So does anyone have ANY ideas how I can move without having a job already so I can get someone to rent to me, since a landlord doesn't want to rent to someone who doesn't have a job and an employer doesn't want to hire an unemployed professional without at least having a local address?

    Not to sound snooty but honestly, I have never been in this situation and don't have a clue of what to do. Isn't there some avenue to get things put back together so I'm not sleeping in the car? If there is, WTH is it?
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    PS My mother doesn't want either difficult child or me at her house. She used the excuse of putting her house on the market about 6 weeks ago, but she still hasn't done that and now says it will take her another couple of months, so clearly, we can't go there. And I don't want to go sit down on someone- I've nnever been unemployed this long. I don't know what to do.
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    I know several overqualified people (one with a Ph.D.) working as waiters, or something along those lines, because there just aren't jobs - especially in their field.

    I don't know about moving without a job because I've never been in that situation, either. But, if you could line up something - anything, even if it's a cashier at a grocery store - it would help.
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    first of all, try applying for a job as whatever with-o saying all the professional skills. They do scare employers away. Every job has a learning curve and it costs money to train someone. Employers want to train people who will stay for a while. They expect overqualified people to quit right away AND to be very grumpy about working at a job that is boring or beneath them.

    I do not know what your voice is like, or if you are any good at sales, but there are still a lot of jobs for telemarketers. Both for companies who contract with credit card companies and for call centers to take orders for catalog items. I worked for a call center in OH that took orders for jewelry, ran a sweepstakes, and did various other promotions. If you had a pleasant voice and could use a computer, didn't mind being bored between calls and could talk people into buying an extra item or two, then the money was pretty good. It might be something to look into. We had a LOT of people who worked "professional" jobs during the day and did this at night.

    Do you belong to any churches or community groups? I suggest joining one to make connections in the community. Of course don't go to a church you object to, but otherwise maybe look at it as another way to be part of a community. You may meet people who own or manage businesses and then you can talk them into giving you a chance.

    For housing? You are probably going to have to apply for subsidized housing. It won't be what you have had in the past, but it will likely be better than a shelter or sleeping in your car.

    I don't know if you are working with a therapist now or not. Given the aggression difficult child showed to you in the past, and the way it has not been addressed by the courts or in therapy with him, I strongly suggest going to a domestic violence center. You may know everything they will say. Or they might have new insight. Either way you will be able to access help from them. Given the fact that MANY of your problems stem directly from difficult child's refusal to behave appropriately and the legal ramifications of his choices, that is another way he has hurt you. The DV center may have resources that will help you also. The problems don't have to have happened this year for them to help. The way your mom and bro treat you even now is also dysfunctional. It is another thing that you have to cope with, and they might have ways to help you with that also. I am NOT saying go to DV because you are too damaged to function, or just to get stuff. I am saying that accepting their help may open some doors that are otherwise closed to you. They may even have advocates to help you in court regarding your own problems with the judge and evaluations etc...

    It is just a thought.
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    Apply at every temp and contracting agencies you have access to (many are multi-city or state based). With some, after you work a specific number of hours you can actually purchase group health insurance, etc.

    When you apply, don't apply only for jobs in your field, specify you are willing to do anything.

    We use an incredible amount of contractors at work, including those doing the job I was first hired for many years ago. Many of these contractors have at least a BS degree, some even have masters level. It's all in the "flow to the work" concept that has become so prevalent lately.
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    I'll jump in the same boat with ya. When you figure it out, please email me the answer.
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    We did it last March (09). Hubby actually left a high paying tow truck driving job to move back home to Elliot Lake (Ontario). We spent some time on Ontario Works (our version of welfare) and I went into their self employment program while working part time at a corner store for the summer to bring in some money while working toward being self employed. Now, hubby works for the local towing company here, I'm self employed (graphics and web specialist) and he's also doing a second side job of deejaying (self employed as well).

    It was hard but our child tax benefits kept us afloat for rent, groceries and bills with the very little that we got from welfare as well helping out. Welfare also gives us dental and medical benefits with 2$ co pays for medications. I find Canada has a better welfare system than the States does, though still fairly falling apart system (due to the abusers) but it worked for us. We moved with virtually nothing household item wise except for beds, clothes and dishes. The rest we got from second hand stores and welfare grants for moving expenses.

    I second removing any "over qualifying" skills off the resume and tailoring the resume to the industry you are searching in. For example, if you are going for a cashier job and have customer service and cash handling skills and past work experience leave that on the resume. If you have say - IT Tech, leave it off in the education section but leave your work experience on there so there are no gaps in your work history.
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    I'll have to sort thru this more later- I'm not ignoring replies, just trying to hurry and sell something- I have put numerous things online to sell the past three days and haven't gotten a single reply. It must not be a good time for "bites" with tomorrow being a holiday. One dumb-bell responded telling me to send him all this info about myself and he'd deposit a check into my checking account. This was for a used tv. I can't imagine anyone being stupid enough to fall for that.

    I've been putting various types of things online- does anyone know what types of things move real fast?

    ETA: Apparently the inexpensive things that keep kids busy are in demand. LOL! I can't believe I didn't figure that out before!
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    When you talk to employers if they ask about gaps i employment history or why you haven't held a job since whenever, tell them that your son had some serious problems and you had to devote yourself to helping him. Tell them that the problems are now past and you need to return to the workforce. Pick whatever problems you feel comfortable naming, and make it sound like it is either totally better OR that you now have help lined up and he is old enough to be able to handle himself while you work. I found that many employers understood this, shockingly enough. I got a liquor store job BECAUSE of it - the man who owned the business said that it gave me the skills to not be manipulated or fooled into selling to minors or otherwise breaking the liquor laws.

    If you can line up some references and don't mind doing cleaning work, check out cleaning services. If you approach companies that work for residential clients the work is done during the day. If you approach a company that has business clients then you will often work nights. Do NOT forget property management companies. People move out and leave things behind quite often. I worked for a guy who also owned a bunch of rental properties eons ago. He would often have someone working for him for low or free rent. Often he made exceptions for pets, parties, whatever for employees but not for anyone else. If you can get a place looking nice fairly quickly there may even be banks who would be interested because all of the foreclosures. Several of the houses on our street that were foreclosed upon were left with all sorts of stuff inside. Not always junk, either. Three of the families left rooms full of furniture. It was pretty much all charged on credit cards, but the banks still had to get it out of there and clean the places.

    This might be a way to get into a rental property, esp if you end up in subsidized housing and need to move to a different area.
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    This won't sound popular but I wouldn't be above begging mom lol. Seriously, your situation is so difficult and you clearly need help and it hasn't been forthcoming. I feel so frustrated on your behalf and I just hope you will not give up hope. Things can and do change but sometimes we have to do something different to trigger a new outcome. If we always do what we've always done, we'll always have what we have now. Prayers for you are always ongoing. Hugs and Love, ML
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    I'd write you a reference. Just ask.

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    will difficult child being going with you? He will be allowed to leave this jurisdiction? How much longer do you have before you are forced out?

    I ask because I agree with ML - if it's just you, I would ask mom if you could stay with her very temporarily until you find employment. If difficult child will be with you, it might be harder for mom to give in. Appeal to her and, if you have to, beg.

    I'm not sure you will be able to get much public assistance as most of the programs are closed because of funding limits.

    Insofar as a job, I think you just need a paycheck. Clerking at a department store or ringing the register somewhere may be way beneath your experience and training, but it's a job. When the alternate is homelessness and living in the car, a minimum wage job is just that, a job and an income. Were I in your position, that's what I would have done. There is no shame in doing what you have to do to survive. Do so with pride.

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    I'm popping in to touch base. I have gone thru the responses more carefully- Susie and skeeter, those are good ideas. Susie, what you said about people not wanting to hire those with previous long term professions is right on target. As far as begging my mom, well I think I have already pushed that as far as I can. She isn't cut from the same mould as most and she made it pretty clear. If I stress the severity of things any further, she'll go off on one of her tangents that she claims are panic attacks and be on the phone hysterical to others until she has stirred up even more koi in mine and difficult child's lives- this has ALWAYS been her way. Example- she had told me I could stay with her right before difficult child was born (I was paying her to help out- this was due to access to hospital) and tthe first few weeks after difficult child was born, until I felt comfortable bringing him back to the home I had set up for us out of state. Fine- until he was born and I literally had to beg her on the phone to come and get us from the hospital when they discharged us. She called the nurses and told them I was trying to starve difficult child to death because I wanted to breastfeed and my milk hadn't come in right away. Is that normal for a mother/grandmother? I would have taken money with me for a taxi if I'd had any clue at all that she would do that. And then she wouldn't go in the pharmacy and get my rx filled for swelling and pain from the c-section, saying it was my responsibility. True, but I could barely stand up and even the pharmacist said I was about to pass out. Most assume this is just because she was mad over me having a baby out of wedlock, but it's not- she has always been this way.

    Anyway, I don't know for sure that difficult child will be with me but more than likely he will at least start out that way. Yes, we can move as long as I report it and give a new address to the PO. Surpisingly enough, PO acts like this is no big deal even though when the HI job was on the table, he seemed like it was a horrible long process. I haven't heard anything about another court hearing so they have no choice but to release him to me unless I refuse to go get him or unless something else changes thru the courts. I have approximately 45-60 days left in the house, which puts it about the time between difficult child getting out of detention and school starting so the timing is ok. Obviously, it's just all the better if I can be out even before then. Thus, I'm trying to form a plan. I'm selling stuff as fast as I can but I can't really do anything other than list it and reduce prices. I got approved for food stamps but the card hasn't arrived yet- and it's been a while since I was approved but I can't get the person on the phone to try to find out if the card has been mailed yet. Most of the money from selling stuff will go to utility bills. I have to get them paid quickly so that's why I've been concentrating on selling stuff the past week.

    I'm cringing at the thought that I might have to find other homes for the dogs and give them up.

    I've never applied for public housing before so I'm completely slueless about the process- I don't even know iif it's allowed to go out of this jurisdiction and apply in another area of the state where it might be easier for me to find a job. That's the sort of info I need help with. I don't even know who to call to get these answers. I'm hoping somebosy at the VA can poiint me in a direction, even though I only have health benefits at the medication center.
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