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    Ache watched this last summer when it got out in the States (in some illegal way, I guess) and heavily recommended the series. I have been watching it now when it is on our network television and wanted to forward that rec. to you.

    Protagonist is both mentally ill and drug user and seems to have some aspie tendencies too (though difficult to say difference between social anxiety and aspie-lite from screen performance.) Also a cyber vigilante and kind of a hero (or a villain.) Though you do not know how much is 'real' and how much may be paranoia.

    It is interesting to see many things we here talk about from different perspective. The show shows very nuanced portrait of people, that often are only seen through lens of 'dual diagnosed druggie' and all the usual clichés related to that.While protagonist is mentally ill, abusing drugs and all of it may even be just his delusions and hallucinations, he however is portrayed as a whole person aside of mental illness and drug use.

    And well, it is really good, well acted, interesting and thrilling show also otherwise. Won also the Golden Globe as the best television series.

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    It's on the USA cable network here in the US, which is usually part of the basic cable package. Thanks, SuZir.
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    I read some reviews from IMDb and noticed that many had strongly disliked or taken even offence of what they felt was political agenda of this series. So maybe it is fair to warn that protagonist promotes very leftist and extreme agenda and it is shown as 'the truth' in the show. Though it is so blatant that it is one of the things that make you wonder, how much what is presented as 'real' actually is 'real.' And that is what fascinates me in this show, not the technology elements. I take it as an interesting view on how mentally ill person could perceive the world and things that happen.
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    Suz, I just started watching this show...wow! husband and I both can't stop. Thanks for the recommendation.