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    URGENT QUESTION- THE GUY IS COMING TOMORROW----While difficult child was in juvy and GAL wanted him to go to hospital or Residential Treatment Center (RTC) (long term), the psychiatrist wrote a letter saying he didn't think this was needed at this time, that difficult child should come back home and we receive in-home services. Now, this was a result of psychiatrist changing diagnosis from depression to bipolar and me asking him how to deal with raising a bipolar kid and what to do about any manic episodes at home until we get medications right and difficult child stabilized. The psychiatrist said we needed an in home therapist to help teach me how to deal with it and county supports so difficult child wouldn't get sent to juvy every manic episode. So, the judge let him out of juvy and MST services were ordered, which means the county is paying for them. This is the first services we have gotten paid for by the county. difficult child has a psychiatrist and therapist and we're getting ready to start him in a mood specialty clinic to confirm diagnosis and get more help with IEP, family issues, etc., which are all covered by my insurance.

    Anyway, we met the MST guy last week and he's supposed to be here tomorrow to actually start. My concern is that he wants me to sign, immediately, release forms for every person involved in difficult child's life and starts right off talking about difficult child's poor decisions and tweakinig my parenting techniques, and joining me in all meetings with sd and the mood specialty clinic. Not only was I a little reluctant to turn everything over to someone who's only going to be around a few months, but the real eye-opener was his talk about rewards, consequences and consistency. Now last year when we tried strict, sole, behavior modification our household stayed in turmoil until it stopped, then it improved. It took FOREVER to get difficult child open enough to even consider talking to another counselor and it took me months to quit despising them all. The ones who dictate this seem like The Explosive Child's Plan A all the way and I'll be non-compliant with the court if we don't do this. Well, if there is one thing I have learned for sure, flexibility is needed a lot more than consistency in my house and Plan A will not only not work, it could really set things a lot worse.

    Does anyone know if I can do something, like call the county, and remind them that we weren't ordered this because of a defiant child not having a good parent, we were ordered this so the county could provide some specialized help with bipolar and offer supports for us in manic episodes. Also, instead of psychiatrist, therapist, and others moving over to this MST guys method, it was supposed to be him filling in the gap that was missing.

    Any suggestions? Were my expectations wwrong?

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    Please do not sign any releases that make you uncomfortable. These services are not supposed to be a judgment on your parenting; the reality is that it's easier to blame the parent then to figure out why difficult child is exhibiting the behaviors & making the choices he does.

    I'd ask why release forms for information that is specific to you alone would be signed. This is about difficult child.

    Additionally, this is supposed to be a "team" effort. I'd remind the team that just recently the reward system wasn't very successful. That you need a different, more realistic approach. Don't come across defensive - just the facts, ma'am, state just the facts.

    Before all is said & done, we've always had a treatment plan in writing presented to us before anything significant is started in our home. It's to be signed by both parties first.

    Remember this isn't about you - it's to help you cope; more importantly to teach difficult child better, healthier life skills & the ability to make healthy safe choices.

    Keep us updated on the meeting.
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    Sounds like the guys a little ... over zealous. I agree with Linda ... I wouldn't be signing anything until you get more comfortable with the arrangement.