Murphy's law? Jinx? Cosmic powers?

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    Sure enough, I made the mistake of calling DD1's issues "subtle" in another thread this morning. About 2 hours after that post I was proven wrong.

    She was complaining that it was "too hot" during structured PE. They had to be outside for 1/2 hour and were in the sun - today was not that hot at the time because storms were threatening to move in. She actually YELLED at the teacher to let her stay in the shade or go in. By the time he collected his senses, he told her to go to the front office - not as punishment but to cool off. She refused! WTH? He had to call over another teacher (big guy) to coax her into the office. While she was there she broke (mangled is more like it) her glasses which she just started wearing again.

    I'm kinda miffed and confused because she spent the rest of the day there with minimal supervision with NOTHING to do. Principal and other staff were conducting job interviews so DD1 never got a chance to ask if she could leave and apparently was never told what was expected of her.

    What makes the "too hot" thing REALLY strange is that this is a child that will wear long sleeves and long pants in August, ride her bike around all day and when we get in the car will complain that the AC is too cold. She doesn't do this everyday, but often enough for her to say she likes the heat.

    One more thing to to log -temperature effects.
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    Oh, can I relate to this one. There is one difference however. When difficult child is in the office with nothing to do, the principal did NOT leave him alone. He "egged him on" and then sent him home when difficult child blew.

    Yes, you jinxed it. Never speak of the good unless so much time has passed that you KNOW it is the new reality. LOL
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    Could it be the temp. was an excuse and she didn't want to do the PE activity? Or was there something else going on that day to set her on edge? With my kids sensory stuff is always harder to deal with if they are stressed.
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    Hmmm.... she's 10.
    You could be in BIG trouble.
    With that wonderful "ride" called hormones.
    They kick in BEFORE puberty... can be up and down like a yo-yo.
    It can be just about as bad as menopause... hot/cold/up/down/etc.

    Isn't THAT a wonderful thought, now.
    Hope I'm wrong and you get another year or two... but don't count on it.
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    My $0.02... I see mood disorder... And I think O... Who has temp regulation issues too...
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    ugh 10.

    ten was a very bad year here--hormones, emerging mood issues, and a serious case of the idontwanna's.

    i still havent cured it two years later...

    girls are SO hard.
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    Liahona, the PE activity was a choice. Play the structured game or walk the blacktop. She and a friend decided to walk the blacktop. The option of a choice came about because the class usually plays kickball and she HATES (all my kids do) kickball. I find this funny because I was NEVER the sporty type, but kickball was one of the few team sports I actually enjoyed - kicking is easy when you're angry. lol Anyway, I will now be sending her to school everyday with a full water bottle and a sweat/water rag for cooling off.

    Insane, I had never thought of puberty as having the same symptoms as menopause, but you are right. I'm 100% aware that those hormones start cycling long before the period comes, and yeah, she's getting it sooner rather than later. I thought that was the issue when she started having the depressed "episodes" on the Paxil, but it was the Paxil and not the hormones. She looks like she's 12-13 - face, breasts, hips. And has a full tuft of pubic hair already.

    Step, mood disorder is definitely there - no doubt in my mind. Before posting I researched thermal dysregulation and only found mention of "too hot" in relation to mood disorders. Could not find anything on "too cold" that was relevant, so I keep searching and logging. Does O have issues with "too cold" as well as "too hot?"

    TeDo, You're right. I said subtle, so I started thinking subtle. Should have said "not that intense", because, that is the reality. She's "normal" about 75% of her waking hours right now. The rest of the time it's a matter of which mood/symptom is going to manifest itself, where, and how. Not all the moods are "bad" or elicit situation inappropriate behaviors. I figure the more 'normals' and 'positives' I can get her to experience, the better the long term prognosis.

    Here's another odd thing about her that really puzzles me. She WAS a compulsive liar (past tense) She started telling whopper lies at the age of 3 1/2. They were ELABORATE. Most of them, there really was no point to. IOW they weren't to try and keep herself out of trouble or gain anything except for maybe grandiose delusions. It was chronic for almost 5 years, but somehow, I managed to get her to stop. And thinking about it, the lying stopped BEFORE I started medicating her. So, I dunno. Is that still considered a symptom? In the grand scheme of things, I think so, but again, I dunno. (And I'm confident saying that won't jinx me because I'm on the lookout for the lying to return someday)

    OK, and here's my 'sick' Mom confession: I am oddly pleased that this happened yesterday. We've been moving forward with therapy, but I know that's just not going to be enough for her. I figure the sooner we get more identifiable negative symptoms/behaviors, the sooner we can proceed with medicating again and get her more of those 'normals'

    UHG! I really wish she came with an instruction manual.
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