my 5 year old has ODD

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    Hi, i am new to the forum. My name is Amanda and i am married and i have 3 kids. My oldest being 5 will be 6 in 2 weeks and he's got ODD. My middle April is 4 will be 5 in December and my Youngest is Ashton and he will be a year old in June.

    Anyhow, my 5 year old was diagnosis with ODD and ADHD last May and has been on Concerta...but i noticed some of the side affects and took him off it recently...No the doctor wasn't aware of me taking him off it. I also Switched Docs. He's seeing a new doctor and i want him re-evaluated.

    Illnessess like this run on hubby's side of the family.
    My Mother in law is Manic Depressive and her 3 sisters and 1 brother also have bipolor and manic I know a little about this.

    I cannot be in the same room with my Mother in law..she threatened to throw me down the stairs back at Christmastime...So...

    Well, what i am here for is looking for some support and what can i give for him for a diet...Currently its processed foods and dyes...and i want to kinda limit those...So what else can i give him without him throwing a huge fit.

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    Hi Amanda and welcome. I've got to run and make supper so I'll welcome you properly later!

    I sent you a private message about your profile--could you click on the private message link in the upper right.

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    Hi, Amanda. If you don't want to just quit the processed foods, how about going to a healthier version? Maybe you can gradually wean him off junk food.

    I'm thinking of brands like Annie's -- it's still junky, but not as bad. Boxed mac and cheese without dyes, crackers without trans fats, that sort of stuff. Trader Joe's, if there's one near you, also has a lot of processed-but-not-too-awful food.
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    Welcome Amanda!

    Why don't you post this question in the "Natural Treatments" section? There are a lot of moms there who have made it their mission to cut certain foods out of their childrens' diets. I am sure you will get a lot of support there.

    Glad you found us! You found a soft place to land.
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    My daughter has issues with artificial colors and flavors in her foods. I tried the Feingold Diet. It works pretty good for her. I do shop a lot at Trader Joe's and Whole Foods. Both of my children LOVE mac & cheese. It is just as easy to make boxed mac & cheese as it is to make REAL mac & cheese. My daughter's daycare has a lot of pop tarts and fruit loops for breakfast. I told her teacher she can't have that stuff or she loses control. Guess what? They gave her poptarts for breakfast and then they call me to come pick her up because they couldn't handle her. I took a bag of 'natural' snacks she can eat without feeling left out when the other kids get to eat the bright colored fake foods. Hopefully that will help. Good luck with finding a diet that is easy to work with and tasty!!
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    Welcome, 3kidz. We have found that difficult child 1 does better with-o the additives and artificial dyes also. He has learned to make good decisions at school regarding snacks, thank goodness, and the teachers have a supply of "boring" food in the kitchen for those times when N thinks there is dye in his cookie. LOL Trader Joe's is a good place to shop for healthier food, but be aware that there is MSG in much of their pre-packaged stuff; it is labeled as "natural flavors" some of the time. So if your daughter is sensitive to MSG, you may want to start making more from scratch at home.

    Good luck, and let us know how things go!