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    So, we went away to a ski resort for a few days. The one day we had passes for one adult and one child to go on the lifts. husband took difficult child up for a while in the morning. It was difficult child's second time skiing and things went reasonably well - he only fell twice on the third time down the hill. A little later I wore husband's vest (with the pass on it) and took difficult child out for a bit. I have not skied for three years, so I am very rusty (I always was a beginner to start with). difficult child decided to "teach" me to ski with several things husband had shown him. No problem - that was ok with me :wink: Then I worked on getting difficult child to "duck walk" to get up a small slope to the hill we planned to go on. About half an hour later difficult child finally managed 5 steps (I was very proud of him) after much arguing, crying and several threats (from me) to go back inside and not bother skiing... Turned out the hill I had in mind was not open.

    So, we went for one of the bigger hills that difficult child was eager to try. It was an "easy" hill and I thought that we could do it. We went up the lift and got off fine. It had gotten quite foggy and had started to drip rain - but not enough to worry about. I showed difficult child the hill we were to go down. Poor difficult child took one look at what appeared to be a cliff dissappearing into nothing (thanks to the fog) and panicked. He was complete;y beside himself with fear :frown:

    The first 20' or so was quite steep. I decided that we should take off our skis and walk down the steep part. In the meantime it had started to pour and it began to thunder! difficult child was terrified, but managed to walk down with much encouragement. The resort closed down all the lifts and hills due to the thunder. There was no way I was going to get difficult child down that hill on his skis - at least not without taking a very long time with many stops and starts... I had no idea what I was going to do.

    Fortunatly at that moment a ski patrol on a snowmobile came by. He "rescued" difficult child and took him down the hill. I made it down the hill by myself (didn't even fall!) and joined him at the bottom. It took quite a while for poor difficult child to calm down.

    The plus of all this is that difficult child no longer thinks that he is an expert skier (we had a melt-down earlier when he wanted ski goggles which we told him he couldn't have until he proved that he was serious about skiing) and agrees to stick to the little hills for now. I just wish we had been able to get him on one small hill to get his confidence back up, but the weather stayed bad for the rest of the day and the next day we came home.
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    Sounds like you handled the weather and anxiety well for yourself and difficult child.
    Fog is overwhelming to me when out on the mountain.
    Next time will be tons better since there probably won't be any fog.
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    Yikes! A thunderstorm while you're skiing! Did you tell difficult child that NO ONE is an expert skier when it's bad enough to close the place down?
    So sorry it turned out so yucky.
    Glad you got some exercise, though.
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    OMG YOU SKI?????? :sled: HOW VERY COOL!

    I tried it once - with skis
    I tried it again by accident - with nothing but my body

    Gotta give it to skiing with skis=lot's less painful.

    Sounds like you really handled the whole experience well - and what a save with the snowmobile - that would have been my son's best part of the whole trip.
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    I'm definitely not much of a skiier. We will be going again as we got replacement passes since the weather was so bad. difficult child is looking forward to it, so it can't have done him too much harm.

    Star - I agree that skiing is a lot more fun with skis on than off :wink:

    I agree - the snowmobile part was pretty cool! I almost wish I'd gotten to ride down on it :p