My difficult child is doing well this week


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after the incident monday, he's doing well the rest of this week. His dad said he's been very well behaved and done all his school work without incident.

I have talked to him, and yesterday my daughter turned 4 and he called and sang happy birthday to her on the phone and I cried like a baby. :crying: He misses his little sisters soooo much and this makes it harder for all of us.

I can't wait to see him in April, I love him and I'm sending him a care package this week, so I call, email, and mail things all the time so he knows I'm thinking about him often.

I miss my baby though. My first born buddy. :crying:


I'm glad he's doing better. How sweet that he sang to little sis.

{{{{HUGS}}}} hon. I know this is hard.
That is soooo sweet that he sang to his sis. He really has a good heart.

I sent my difficult child to live with his dad for a while too. That was in 2004 and he stayed there for about a year. In our case it didn't work out very well but I understand how you feel. You miss him so much and you wish he could have stayed in your home.

Hang in there it does get better. He's always going to be your little man.




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Awww Amy, I know you want what's best for your son but it hurts your heart so. We understand hon. But look how happy he made your daughter - no drama included. Sometimes the best for our kids is the hardest for us. Good for you for making the sacrifice for your son.