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    I believe I have posted before, that my position has been outsourced. Not to mention that the company I work for (20 miles away) is a very LARGE company. Several parks in the area I work, but in the park I work at there are 14000 employees. And they chose to outsource the mainframe computer. Which affects 4 operators and about ten other associates who support the mainframe. Unfortunately the company has not even tried to absorb us in other areas. options are...

    Take the severence and be on their payroll until the fall, then unemployment. (expected end date of employment is June 18) OR take a position with the outsourcing company which is 62+ miles from my house on the interstate one way.

    Did the interview, haven't heard money offer, and their insurance sucks. No mental health. That portion is combined with the medical, which of course difficult child's doctor is not on it.

    husband's insurance is just as bad, but he DOES have mental health.

    OK...I have been so stressed. husband won't tell me anything. No input. Says my decision. OK, if I don't take the job, and fall comes around, unemployment just isn't going to pay the bills. Mainframe work just isn't around and I would have to drive regardless. I make decent money and don't expect as much from the new company, but we'll see. Job offers on Thursday.

    They only work 3 days a week. Or should I say nights, as that is what they are hiring. 7pm - 7am. But on the plus side, they only work three days a week. Either Sunday, Monday Tuesday, or Thursday, friday, Saturday. I prefer the end of the week. That way if I choose this, I would leave my house Thursday afternoon and return home Sunday morning. husband would be home with difficult child. Well, almost. difficult child would be home on Friday's in the summer.

    If I chose not to take the job, I would be stressed, nervous...every single day not knowing what will happen when the severence ran out. Been through the unemployment thing, bankrupcy thing. It is pretty scary not knowing how you are going to eat.

    This is by far the hardest decision I ever had to make. But it looks as if I HAVE to take the job and just look for something closer while I have a job. Atleast we'll still have a house.

    Less fighting with difficult child I assume. But I am scared. SO scared. Nobody even realizes. My car is 5 years old and has 110K miles on it. Now if I drove to and from this new job everyday it would be 130+ miles a day. My sister lives 8 miles from this company so I planned on leaving home thursday afternoon, sleeping at my sisters two days and coming home on Sunday morning. Too bad I haven't talked to this sister in two years. Exactly to this date. Two years ago today was my mothers funeral, and this sister did something I just cannot seem to forgive or get past.

    If I don't take the job and we lose our house and everything we have it will be ALL MY FAULT. I don't want this job. I don't want to drive or be away. I cry every day. I spend all my time either in my room crying or at work. Others are taking vacation now so I am filling in. I am terrified and really have nobody to talk to.

    I tried weighing the pro's and con's...but it always comes out to taking the job..I just don't get it. Things were not suppose to be this hard. Not at this point in my life.

    Right now, and for the past few weeks the people from the other company sit next to me and breathe down my neck for 12 hours a day. And I am suppose to show them what I do. Not an easy task. I understand this decision has come from much higher up and these people are only doing what they are told to do...but it doesn't make it any easier.

    Well, difficult child and I are participating in a 5K walk this morning to benefit the family of one of his teachers who passed away in December. Then it is off to work to cover for someone on vacation. Tomorrow is my Birthday so I denied working. Don't know if I should of gone to work tomorrow or not. Hoping my family atleast takes me to dinner.

    sorry so long. It has been a very stressful few months, with more to come I am sure.
    I don't even want to crawl out of my room anymore. It is just to hard. Too hard to face the challenges. Or maybe I am just too scared. I don't know.
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    I can imagine how hard this is but I hope you get offered the job at the company. Do you think sister will allow you to crash at her place? I hope so. If not, well, 65 miles one way isnt too awful bad. That can be across town in lots of bigger cities these days.

    I always think that when something really bad seems to happen somehow you get through it because you have no choice. You can worry yourself to death or you can just put one foot in front of the other and do the best you can. You still get the same results.
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    I hear you. I mean that. I hear you and I know where you are coming from because husband and I faced that same kind of horrible choice three years ago...

    His job was being eliminated - BUT he could still work for the company if we were willing to pack up and move....although there was no guarantee that his job there would be any more secure. And if we did move and the job ended there too, it was a dead-end. But if he didn't take the job....there was no guarantee he would get one here, either.

    If you can, I think you need to try and separate emotions from practicality right now. (I know, easier said than done). Your brain really, really really wants to process all of this and go through a "grieving" period over the loss. Your brain wants to give you a chance to be emotional--angry, sad, hurt etc and get all of those feelings out. Unfortunately, grieving is never a good place from which to make decisions...

    See if you can detach and look at the situation as more of a "math problem"....and see if you can balance the equation. Figure your situation both ways...

    Here's how our household finances will look if I don't take the job (and figure in the severance and the unemployment--plus the savings from not having to buy lunch out, or commuting every day or whatever you spend money on as part of this particular career)

    Here's how our finances will look if I DO take the job (figure in the salary, PLUS the added cost of gas, plus the insurance costs etc)

    See if you can make a decision based upon just the numbers. The balance sheet should be pretty clear one way or another. And if both choices are about the same? Then you get to choose whichever one sounds more fun...going to work or staying home.

    I hope this helps a little....

    Sending ((((hugs))))
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    Unfortunately I did the math. Unemployment would be less than half of wages if I worked. The only PLUS side of this is they only work 3 days a week. Down side being so far and it is night shift. Plus side, I would be home (If I got my choice of shifts) I would be home Sunday morning thru thursday evening. Guess just knowing I am far away makes it harder.
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    Well, it sounds like your decision it made for you...

    Meanwhile, try and take care of you. This sounds like it's going to be a big adjustment, but maybe there will be a silver lining to this cloud. Maybe you will rekindle your relationship with your sister....or get a well-deserved break from family stressors every week...or even end up impressing the new boss so much that you end up in a better career path than before...who knows?
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    First, great big hugs.

    I understand. Hubby was laid off Jan.4, and has only been called for one interview. His unemployment is not even half of what he made, and I only work part-time as a substitute teacher (or zookeeper, kindergartener herder, etc. depending on the day), and the State of CA says I am not eligible for unemployment during the summer. Both our cars are 10+ years old. Our county has an unemployment rate of nearly 19%, and given CA's financial mess, very few districts are hiring teachers. I totally hear what you're saying, and your fear and uncertainty.

    I think your plan of taking the job while looking for something closer to home is a good one.