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    As I have posted before, my postion has been eliminated / outsourced.

    We were given a 60 day notice on May 4th. That would bring us to July 2nd.
    However, the outsourcing company offered jobs to several of us. Well, actually all of us that have been affected.

    They were quite generous with their offer. I asked for more, and the next day I had a new offer letter. Makes me wonder if I should of asked for even more.

    Only half of us accepted the positions. There are some "catches". I work for a global pharmacutical company, any drugs that they make are currently free. Our medical insurance is good, mental health, dental...all the norm. I drive about 17 miles one way to my current job. No highways or interstates. Basically back roads.

    More catches...The ones that have accepted the postion don't get our 60 days. Our first day of work with the new company is June 7th. Medical insurance, and dental are not very good at all with very, very, very high deductables out of pocket before insurance kicks in at all. Prescriptions are combined within the medical. NO MENTAL health. The only mental health they have is combined within the medical and there are restrictions. Plus, difficult child's dr.'s are not on this insurance plan that I can find.

    And the worst catch of all is it is 65 miles away, on the interstate. One way. I have a car that is 5 years old with 112K miles on it. Don't know how long it will last driving like that. On the Plus side, they only work 3 days a week. Although 12 hour days, that isn't a concern since I have worked 12 hour shifts since 1987. Only night shift is hiring. 6:30 PM to 7 AM. Another Plus, my sister lives 8 miles from the new job. I also had my choice of shifts. Either Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights OR Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. I chose the end of the week. Meaning I will work every weekend forever. I chose this shift because I will be home Sunday thru Thursday afternoon. difficult child will only be alone on Friday's until 3:45 when husband gets home. Summer, he sleeps until about noon. But it will only be one day a week.

    My plan is to leave home on Thursday afternoon and stay at my sisters, returning home on Sunday morning. I should get home before anyone even wakes up. On a good day, it will be about 1.5 hour commute, on the interstate....which I absolutely hate. I have a little car and semi's just blow my car.

    Another awkward situation is I haven't talked to my sister in two years. I still haven't actually spoken to her. I have sent emails. Asked if she wanted to rent a room. (her kids are gone).

    I don't want to leave difficult child. I am stressing / struggling so much with this.

    My current job has offered a severence. If I did not take the position I would still be on their payroll until October 26th. Then eligible for unemployment. But unemployment would be Less than half of what i make. I have been looking and applying internally (over 14000 employees just at the site I work at, with other locations in the area.)

    That is very discouraging. Nothing close by. Other area is 45 - 50 miles the other direction and all jobs I have seen in my area of work is 3rd shift 5 days a week.

    I just cannot be without a job. I would be so stressed all summer knowing the money would end. I am the one that supports my family. If I didn't have a job, we would lose everything. We would lose our house. Unemployment won't make that payment.

    Medical worries now with the insurance of the new company. I am so stressed, some days...most days I just cannot do anything, and I really don't care. Hah...I haven't even gotten dressed today. I see no reason.

    Of course, things at work happened, to "suit" the big boss. Or what HE wanted. Which affected us. But, that is the game of a large corporation.

    I DO know I am fortunate to be offered a position. If I was on unemployment with 1/2 million other in my area....getting a job would be like winning the lottery. Just a very difficult transition, especially when you have a difficult child to deal with. And, in no way can anyone ever understand unless you walk in the shoes.

    Speaking of which, has anyone talked to BBK? Does anyone know how to contact her? You see, my new job is in the town she lives in. I was hoping maybe we could go out for coffee some morning.

    Thanks for listening
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    Its easier to find a job, and a lot less stress, if you have a job already - and you get to be picky, though how picky with a half a million people in your area unemployed remains to be seen - looking for something else.

    65 miles is a pain in the tush on one hand, but its only three nights a week. If your sister won't rent you a room, am sure there are plenty of rooms available elsewhere, especially with this economy and people looking to try and cover their mortgage with renting out rooms. See if you can carpool with anyone

    As far as insurance goes, check into taking cobra - the government may still have the program to help you pay part of it. Kids now are not subject to pre existing, so you could get him a stand alone policy.

    Not a difficult choice - stay on the old company's payroll for 5 more months, get unemployment which isn't going to cover your mortgage and take the chance you lose the house, or tough it out till something else comes up when you are working for the new company. difficult child will just have to adjust - he is 15 years old -might be different if he was like 5 or 6.

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    In my thinking most of the stress is caused by the DECISION of what to do....... once you make the decision you can move forward. So I guess what I'm telling you is just make the decision and get started with a plan. Now I don't know all the factors, but from the sounds of your posts you are leaning toward taking this job. Living with your sister could be a temporary thing and perhaps once you get started at the new job you could find someone who lives in the area that wants to rent a room, or even someone who would be working the "other" shift who could share a room. Generally options come when you least expect them, so make the decision and stop worrying about the "what if's"............. yeah, I know easier said than done....... good luck with whatever you choose............
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    That is very accurate. Most the stress is deciding what to do. But I have. I have accepted the position. More money, long drive.
    My sister will let me stay with her. I just don't want to. But for now I need to.

    It would be great if someone who worked Monday thru Wednesday would rent a room, and I would take the Thursday - Saturday part. Most rooms are rented weekly from what I see. Unfortunately - I do not see that happening. Most of their employees live near by. A few in Indiana - but that is a 50 mile drive for them, and they don't seem to mind.

    This is just very hard for me. Maybe would be easier if someone would talk to me about it. I think my family is afraid to bring it up because they know it is very hard on me. I wish I could just pickup some sort of mental health policy for difficult child. Then I would be fine. Don't know how to do that.
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    If all else fails, look into the state children's health insurance program (SCHIP). Yes, it is a Medicaid program primarily designed for very low or no income families--but I believe ANY child is eligible. If the parent's income is above a certain limit--the parents pay insurance premiums for the coverage....but at far lower rates than anything through COBRA....and SCHIP covers mental health services.

    Best of luck!