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    Well I had a conversation with the two other human mmembers of the household. I said I am not on a diet I am trying to be healthy. Glazed looks came over both husband and easy child. I said I would appreciate no intentional sabotaging me. Both muttered agreements. Then we moved on. Well the other day husband and I were heading home from work and he wanted to stop and get his nightly half gallon of chocolate milk (don't even get me started on that one) and I said I wanted him to get me a healthy snack while he was in there. I intentionally didn't want to go in as I was hungry and we all know hungry and the store don't work together.

    He obviously put a bit of thought and grabbed a box of granola bars that said they were 90 calories each. I guess I forgot to mention that I wanted something that didn't taste like gravel. But guess what it wasn't a Little debbie snack cake at least.

    Well tonight we went out to dinner. easy child was in the mood for Italian so in our smallish community that means we go to the family owned Italian place that has some of the most wonderful food in the world.

    Of course they make there own bread and it is to die for. easy child looks at me and says don't worry mom I will eat all the bread so you won't be tempted. :hammer: I informed her I could have one piece and I wouldn't be doing anything wrong. She goes oh yeah I know you mean moderation (which means at some point she has listend to any number of speeches I have given about other things). As soon as I got my one piece she made husband put the basket out of my reach. Then we had our meals. I only ate half of mine (huge portions) with the intention that the rest would be eaten the next day for lunch. When I went up to pay they left it behind. But several times through dinner easy child said little things about not eating too much. I tried to poke her with my fork.

    Skinny little turd that she is she is enjoying "reminding" me not to eat certain things because they are bad for me. I know she is trying to be helpful because I asked for it but gracious I think I will lose weight just from chasing her down to get even for the little reminders because they always come with a giggle.

    But the good thing is both are convinced to help out at the moment. They are just so filled with humor about it. We will just see who gets the last laugh.

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    GO BETH GO!!!! You can do it!! Ignore WILL have the last laugh.
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    Beth, how nice to have giggles.
    My house is full of funny comments. You have to have a thick skin around here but it makes life so joyful. Of course, you have to be able to laugh at yourself a lot. I wouldn't have it any other way.

    So let them tease and giggle. They are watching your hard work and it will leave an impression on growing children.

    FYI, it's good to give husband a specific food for your snack. Those planned items make the difference, for me anyhow, between sucess and failure.

    Enjoy the family's help.
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    You're doing great!!! :you_go_girl:!!! I'm so happy :woohoo: your family is being supportive.

    When you crave something sweet, try eating an apple first. This really helps me. I find that by eating an apple first, I end up eating less of the sweet snack, whatever it is.

    If you think granola bars taste like cardboard, there are 100 cal brownies, I think the company that makes them is called Glenny's. If I remember right, I think they have about 7 grams of fiber in them. They're soft and moist. However, I don't buy them much because in my local grocery store, they're expensive - $1.89 each!!! Sometimes they go on sale for a $1 each. That's how I know they're good...

    Anyway, got to go pick up difficult child 2 soon - He had to stay after school today.

    I'm so proud of you!!! :bravo: WFEN
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    Beth, you are doing great!!! easy child will stop soon enough with her kidding you every moment; I'm sure she'll get tired of it. I'm glad to hear your husband bought you a healthy snack!

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    That's great! :smile:

    And good for you that you had some small portion of the things you love. This way, you won't feel that you are depriving yourself and you will be able to stay with it.

    I love the way you posted.

    You sound just great!


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    Good for you :thumbsup: and keep up the good work! I only have my husband to contend with :clubbing: when it comes to our healthy eating habits.(It's no longer a "diet")