My parent's 50th

I'm working on a project for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary. I've been putting together a DVD of memories -- photos, videos, clips from their favorite songs and movies of years past, a travelogue of all the places they've been (every continent on earth except South America and Antarctica -- they're hitting those two in January, Lord willing).

This started out as something I was going to do in a couple of weekends but is turning into a major obsession. The doing of the project is turning out to be more special than the end product. They've told me that every time I email with some question it sparks hours of reminiscing and brings back times that they'd all but forgotten. I'll almost be sorry when it's complete.

The DVD will be premiered at a 3-day family reunion gathering in Branson, MO in August.

Now, I have to start hitting the gym every day. I will not be fatter than my brother at the big event! (How vain is that?)


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Many memories made over 50 years....Should be a hoot just with the hairstyle changes...I'm sure it will be appreciated!!!
You bet.

I'm also considering setting up a web site, probably through a service but maybe DIY. If I could just quit my job and work on this full time, I'd do it for sure.

I wish my grandmother was still alive. She had it all in her head. Name any family mameber and she could give you that person's birthday, current family status, and relationship to any other family member. She had an encyclopedic memory and never suffered Alzheimer's or dementia to the day she died at the age of 92. I had always meant to try and interview her and record some of her stories, then she had a heart attack and two weeks later she was gone.
The DVD was a hit at the party. It ran 32 minutes. I had to leave out a lot to get it that short but I think the finished product was just about the right length. My parents were thrilled. I made a slightly longer version than the one we showed at the party for their private use. Stayed up most of the night before we left putting the finishing touches on the soundtrack and burning copies.

I did make a website too and it was even a bigger hit. I wrote the story of their 50 years together. It ran to somewhere between a short story and novella in length: 17,500 words, maybe 40 to 50 pages in a typical paperback. Too long, I thought, but many friends and family have read it and no one seems to mind. They have had a pretty interesting life, so I can't take much credit. My Dad was so disgusted with working for a certain big corporation back in 1959 that they decided to quit and head for California, even though Mom was six months pregnant with me. They would be appalled if I did anything so irresponsible.