My shoulder is a difficult child!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Andy, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. Andy

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    You know how some difficult children are so angelic in the doctor's office? No show what-so-ever of their ability to cause you pain? That is my shoulder.

    My shoulder behaved itself this morning and through the doctor appointment. Only one of the movements he had me do with my arm brought a rememberance of the agonizing pain. doctor said I must have laid wrong on it and to give it a few days to see if it would heal on its own.

    Then, as I am picking up a prescription for my 2nd problem - BAM!! Ouch - where did that come from? And my shoulder is back to being a PITA! If it doesn't behave by next week, I may go back in again.

    My 2nd problem had me unable to get across town (10 min) to work without stopping twice to "go" but I couldn't. No burning, just can't. I arrived at work at 7:00 am hoping to work until 10:00 and head to my 11:30 doctor appointment. No way am I going to waste my employers wages to me by spending every 5 min or so running to the bathroom in hopes of a normal flow. So, I e-mailed my boss and said I needed to go to Fargo early to try to get in to the doctor's early.

    I figured if I could be up there by 8:30, then any cancellations would be mine. So, at a little after 8:00, 1/2 way there, I call the office to ask for an earlier appointment. No go!

    I took the van to get the front light changed. That took all of 20 minutes. Then I did some shopping. I was starting to feel better from moving around.

    I am sooooo glad I did go into the doctor because even though he wants to wait on the shoulder, I do have some sort of infection starting in the area that wouldn't flow. I was able to catch it right away.

    So, I am on antibiotic for yeast infection and the sample I gave will be grown out to make sure it will respond to the 1st line of defense. The office will call me if it needs to be changed. If I get chills or fevers, I am to report back ASAP to possibly switch to kidney infection treatment.

    Diva knew I was going to doctor for my shoulder. She did not know about the other. When she was in the van this evening, she picked up the info on the antibiotic and asked me what it was for. When I told her, she replied, "How can you get an yeast infection in your shoulder?" Guess I am just talented like that!

    The last 15 miles was in very heavy down pour but I was able to see the road just enough to stay calm and collect while driving.

    Within 10 minutes of returning to work - just as I went to my desk after a quick lunch, we lost our phones and my computer wouldn't come on. I was so close to leaving - Again - no work to do if no computer or phone - but they came on again so I was able to put my 4 hours in.
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    I'm wondering if you have a pinched nerve in your shoulder. You may have lain on it wrong but there could be an underlying problem also.

    Don't worry - it will either resolve by itself or it will be mor obvious next time you see the doctor. Meantime, some massage and heat might help. Try a hot pack on it - I make one form a wet hand towel wrung out then foled neatly, put into a plastic shopping bag (the crinkly kind of plastic) then microwaved for a minute or two until it's hot. When it cools, microwave it again. Fast and effective. Also highly portable.

    A doctor told us this trick when I had a bad fall while on holidays.