My son needs help and i dont know what to do. Please help me.

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    My son has ADHD and takes medications for this. He was diagnosed 4 years ago at age 8. He has been through 6 different medications which all have the same effect on him. They work for a month and then he begins to talk about killing himself and detaching from the family. He has problems in school mostly just not doing the work. He scores high on test so teacher are not worried. I am!
    In the last few months, mind you I took him off his medications 3 weeks ago, he is now talking about killing someone, anyone, and has stated that he wants to burn someone. He also destroys everything he gets, even expensive toys that he wants. In the last few days I have found a picture of me with the face torn out and a picture of his dad with the face scratched up. I have called my local Mental Health and left a message but no one has returned my call and my insurance wont let me go anywhere else.

    I am lost and dont know what to do. HE NEEDS HELP!
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    GOing, I am closing this thread since it's really in the wrong forum and I noticed you posted in another forum and got some responses from some of or caring members. You can PM me if you have any questions. Welcome to our site!

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