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    I dunno how it I'm not a big eater.........but I'm back into my largest size of clothes again. :mad: Sort o' snuck up on me. I pull out the winter clothes.......and when you keep having to go thru the pile of jeans trying to find a size that you can snap and still manage to breathe...........You know you're in trouble.:faint:

    This is why I keep my "fat" clothes around.

    I stopped the walking about a year ago. I miss it. I know the dogs miss it. But finding the time just keeps getting harder and harder. And now the weather has turned. I've asked husband to please dig my treadmill out from behind all the yard sale stuff in the rec room at least 5 times. He still hasn't done it. He will be hearing about it this weekend until he does dig it out for me. grrrrrrrr Cuz while I don't have time to walk 3 dogs 2 miles each.........and yes, when you have 3 dogs all 3 expect to be walked and for the same amt of time......(don't ask me how they know, but they know).....I can hop onto the treadmill regardless of the weather and at least for whatever amt of time I have. And I won't have 3 dogs staring at me asking for their turn at walking. lol

    Pop is a bad habit I've picked up. Bad for my kidneys which don't deal well with carbonated water. (haven't got a clue why, but it's been proven time and again) And bad because of all those empty calories since the mere thought of diet anything makes me run screaming into the sunset. Diet soda is just plain gross. Although I will drink iced tea with spenda in it.

    I'm going to weigh myself in the morning. I'm guessing around 165 lbs. I know that doesn't sound like much, but when you're not even 5 feet tall, trust me, it's a big deal. About 10 lbs is water. My water pill needs adjusted again.

    And worse, it all goes straight to my belly. I know this is supposed to be an indication that I eat a high fat diet and alot of fried food, but trust me, I don't. The vast majority of what I eat is baked or crockpotted. I'm not a bread eater. I'm not huge on sweets. I'm not even a big carb eater.'d think I wouldn't be having much of a problem? :tongue:

    I'm thinking if I can cut out the pop habit and pick back up my walking it will help alot. I also need to get back to 3 meals a day and stop eating just when I remember to. (which isn't all that often) I think I've thrown my body into starvation mode.

    oh, and laying off my new found addiction to Heath bars would probably help too.

    So, whatcha all think?
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    glad you have decided to join us.

    I remember, a number of years ago when Dr. Phil was doing one of his weight challenges, he showed a month's worth of sodas piled on a table and equated those with pounds. He told the participant that if they cut the sodas out and didn't do anything else, they could loose like 30 pounds in one year! Add your walking (and the removal of the new-found addiction to heath bars) and you are a winner!

    Couple suggestions. WW has a nice toffee crunch candy. They come in a bag and wrapped individually. It's a nice alternative if you can keep yourself to one or two. Also, try the crystal light drinks (the ones you can buy and make a pitcher of). They have a lot of different flavors. If you like tea, try the arizona pomegranit mix (with splenda). It is really good and really "pommy".

    Welcome to getting healthy!

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    WELCOME!!! It is nice to see you here.

    I know I heard something similar to what Sharon (LDM) heard about giving up the soda. It's amazing what even just one change to your diet can do. One of my friends just started walking six weeks ago. She hasn't given up soda entirely, but has cut down on the number of Cokes she drinks in a day. She has lost four pounds without making any other changes to her diet or daily routine.

    I have a love/hate relationship with my treadmill. However, once I begin walking on it, I always feel better. I think you will too. And, I agree with you - It is easier to find the time to walk when all you have to do is get on the treadmill and not worry about the weather, etc...

    Some people like to watch tv while walking on their treadmills. I find that music works for me. I seem to have more energy and stay on the treadmill longer when I'm listening to music I really enjoy. I hate to admit this, and never do it when others are in the house, but when alone, I tend to sing right along with whatever I'm listening to. And, believe me when I tell you my voice could shatter glass - Just ask anyone who knows me, lol!!!

    Let us know how it's going. Thinking of you as you begin your journey to better health... WFEN
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    Welcome aboard, Lisa.

    You're on a good track cutting back on the fizzy sugary stuff.

    I've had to cut back to such extremes, that I know what foods/drinks are the worst and which ones are the easiest to change. Fizzy drink is the easiest to change as well as one of the worst ways to pile on the weight.

    The problem is the sugar - I think you need more when the drink is carbonated because you get that sour/bitter taste from the carbonation to overcome as well.

    Sugar substitutes - some people say they're bad, some people say they're great. I think it depends on you and how your senses use it. If you crave a sugar drink and drinking a low-cal alternative just doesn't satisfy, then maybe drinking the low-cal version is a bad idea because it just keeps reminding you of what you're missing. But if the low-cal is fine for you, then drink lots of it without a worry. But one way or another, if you can eliminate the sugar in the soft drink you're consuming now, you're already way ahead in the calorie reduction stakes.

    Drinking a lot of water helps a lot. It doesn't have to be water, but whatever you add to it shouldn't have calories. It's great to drink soup, for example, but you can't count it in your water allowance. But low-cal drinks CAN. I find I get sick of drinking plain water, so I will drink a half-litre of my favourite diet drink, home-made Greek-style iced coffee. Because it's mostly chilled water (with a spoon of instant coffee, two sweetener tablets and a tablespoonful of skim milk) then it's a water substitute for me. I try to drink at least two, or preferably more, of these in a day. I make it in a shaker and drink it with a straw, even if I'm home on my own.

    With the treadmill - why wait for your husband to dig it out? The effort you will expend to get the thing out can be your first exercise session!

    Welcome aboard.

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    Hi Daisylover,
    Things that you love that you know are causing you problems, (like soda) have to go. But you have to find a substitute, do you like iced tea? They sell those packets you can put in a water bottle. Write down what you would normally eat in the day and then find ways to cut calories. Plan everything out, if you know you get hungry at certain times, have the snack with you so you won't be too starving and overindulge later. You can do it!!!-Alyssa
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    Hi, Lisa!

  7. Wiped Out

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    Hi Lisa,
    Welcome! I remember when I joined ww, I decided to give up soda-I hate diet soda and I just did water-what a difference! I did give it up for about 8 years but now have about one coke a day.

    Walking is great too as is getting in a regular eating pattern.
  8. busywend

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    Daisy, I find if I drink pop - I eat more food. Not sure why, but it happens to me.

    I am not the one to motivate anyone right now, so I will just say welcome!
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    My two easy child's said as long as I was drinking water why not drink some that was doing something for me, so I like drinking the new Vitamin Water by Glaceu'. I think Snapple makes it too, but it's not as tasty.

    I lost a lot of inchesand weight and have been able to keep it off for over three years now by using t-tapp. You can go to the web site and try before you buy any of the DVD's or videos. I have most of them and won a whole set, that I gave to my sister, for winnig a 60 day challenge. You just have to be sure you measure before you start any exercising and measure about once every week. You can see the results that fast! You don't sweat doing the exercises and after the initial break-in period of 4-5 days straight all you have to do to loose is work out 15 minutes a day/3 days a week. Who doesn't have 15 mintues aday for themselves? I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post the web site so pm me and I'll lead you to it.

    I dropped from a size 20 to a 14. I'm planning on starting up again this winter and working on getting into a 10 or at least a comfortable 12! by the way I threw out all my BIG clothes. I don't ever plan on going back there again!

    I too, used to walk or beagle, Tobi, six days a week, 2 miles, but when difficult child 2 came along in '05 that stopped. I get maybe three blocks, four days a week now with him. I sure miss my long walks, it gave me time to think and be alone.
  10. Fran

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    Lisa, I hate the feeling of being squeezed into my jeans. Ugh! Happens often enough.

    I haven't had sugar soda's in years. I now drink a can of sugar free root beer as a treat when I am denying myself my normal junk. I like the flavor and it helps my sweet tooth.
    Most days I drink flavored water. It's more palatable than plain water and I can get it on sale pretty often.
    husband drinks the carbonated flavored water from Wmart. I don't like bubbles.

    Hope you can find the cause of your weight gain. I know that if I eat more calories than I use up I put on weight which includes water retention. I'm sure it's worse for you with the kidney problems.

    Good luck with the treadmill and more comfortable jeans.