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    totoro Mom? What's a GFG?

    Of course the story has to have a twist, because who on this board wouldn't have a strange story or get it?

    We have it narrowed down to 2 homes.
    The first one we thought it would be, is more expensive and we are waiting to see if the owners can get all of their stuff out. They really don't need the money... as if!?!?!?
    The house is huge and beautiful, like the one we are in. Office space for husband plenty of storage etc.
    We are supposed to know in the next few days, sigh. (the only reason we are in this house is because it was the only one available when we moved here) Slim pickens here...

    Next house:
    The very first house we looked at rented out, husband called and jokingly said can we bribe you? Rental place said I will take your # and call if something comes up. She called back on Wednesday and told us this story about a lady who has to move and is breaking her lease etc.
    She is leaving this month.
    She is a single Mom, husband is a sucker for a single Mom story.

    Called her yesterday, she said we could come by and look at it.

    It is in the same area we are in now. An old golf course but in the older area, which I like better. Closer to the Arroyos (washes) and walking areas.
    It is much smaller but much CHEAPER!
    It is a house that I love, older but full of character, SW charm, very Spanish looking, the Saltillo Tiles and lots of color. A pool for the blazing hot summer. And they would go with a 6 month lease.

    4 bedrooms, so husband would have an office.

    OK here is the only you guys would get it part... upon talking to her, she has an Autistic/BiPolar (BP) son who is in High School. She was trying to explain why she couldn't touch his room and it was a mess! LOL
    I was saying I understood, I REALLY understood. :peaceful:

    It all came out and we had this connection. So now the only thing we are waiting for is to hear if she can be out by the middle of the month?
    So this single Mom who has not been able to pay her rent for over a month would not have to pay the next 6 months of her rent if we move in.
    She lost her job and had to break the contract. The rental agency is super nice but they have a contract and have to work with the owner, so that was why they called us for her.

    I have had a candle burning that is for stressful times, shelter and protection....

    Please send a good thought for the answer, I think in my heart I know, I just hope it works out. :angel3:
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    I knew something wonderful was going to come out of this move and I still feel that way. Sending prayers and positive vibes for the best possible outcome for everyone!
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    Oh I feel that this second one is just meant to be because of the autistic/bipolar connection thing going How could it not come to pass? Fate I tell ya!!!
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    Fingers crossed on both fronts. It's amazing how you come in contact with those who are in need.

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    Fingers crossed!