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    Argh. Our "DR" is really an APRN. We (easy child, difficult child, me) like her because she's friendly, thorough and a woman. Well, she leaves this Friday for about 8 weeks on maternity leave (she's an older 1st time mom). Her replacement is another APRN, who not only looks to be about 16 years of age, but is also a dimbulb. easy child met with her and discussed her [lackthereof] sex life and the stupid APRN told her:

    "You know, you and your boyfriend should maybe introduce some toys and porn. And you really need to be a little more understanding, because if you aren't putting out, he may stray."

    easy child was furious...first speechless and by the time she got home to me, she was flipping mad. I suggested she call our regular APRN and tell her, but she felt silly doing so.

    Now, difficult child has been experiencing spontaneous black eyes and she's extremely tired...I mean, sleeping all the time or when not sleeping, feeling like she has to sleep. And the black eyes are always her left eye and even when it's gone, there is still a shadow of darkness under and around the eye - and it's very tender. Last night difficult child got an MRI of her brain for the black eyes. This morning, she did a preggo test (Negative) because of the tiredness. So, I called the DR office and ask about the MRI. The nurse said it wasn't in yet *(they ALWAYS send a 'wet test result' but she claims she never got it). Okay. So, I asked if I could schedule an appointment with our regular APRN. She said ours isn't taking anymore appts and we needed to see the replacement dufus. So I wanted to leave a msg for our APRN to call me back and the nurse said that A) she will not discuss my daughter's issue with me (not true - we had them both sign papers saying it was ok) and B) she can't give her a msg unless she can tell her what it's regarding. Can anyone spell BS? We should be able to leave a msg for the DR without sharing with the silly nurse what it is in regards to, don't you think?? So I point blank said it A) had nothing to do with either of my daughter's though if it did, they had given our APRN permission to discuss their medical conditions with me and B) it was about the new APRN. So, now I'm sure the speculative whispers are all over the office - all the medical assistants and receptionist and nurses are wicked gossips.

    I hate having to find a new DR. But I won't see this new APRN. This just bites.

    Am I wrong to complain to the regular APRN about her replacement? I mean, there is nothing she can do at this point since she's leaving this Friday...but I think she should know what the little twit said to daughter and that I'm concerned about difficult child's test results and subsequent treatment being taken on by this new APRN who doesn't even know us. And, I'd also like to address the fact that both my daughter's signed papers giving their permission to the DR to discuss their medical health with me. Argh.
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    Oh, my. "He may stray"? Aren't the APRN's answerable to an MD? Mine is. I'd be talking to the MD about the appropriateness of this conversation, even if difficult child is 18. That's not ok!

    Finding a good doctor is the worst!