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Discussion in 'Parent Emeritus' started by bby31288, Mar 30, 2010.

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    A friend of easy child was just diagnosed with Chlamydia. She said she hasn't had "sex in months" and prior to that she had 2 long term relationships. She has to go to Planned Parenthood for treatment on Thursday. Her question, which I tried to find an answer to but can't is Planned Parenthood legally authorized to discuss her "treatment" with her previous partners. I know the recommendation is that everyone be treated. But how do they inform her partners? What this girl is telling me is that there is no way in hell that she is telling them, that it will get out to the community and everyone will know she has it. Someone will send out a mass text messsage. She is petrified that everyone will find out. Does anyone know?
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    Well...Im not entirely sure. My sons girlfriend was diagnosed with that about 6 months ago give or take a month and was in the hospital for 4 days. As far as I know neither she nor my son have been with anyone else for the last 2 years at least. Both of them had to be treated. I dont believe any of their prior partners were contacted. I KNOW my sons prior partners werent. Heavens above if his baby's momma was there would have been hell to pay!

    I believe you can get this STD other ways. Also it can go undetected for a good long while.
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    Thanks Janet. I appreciate that you always take the time to respond.

    I understand the need for planned parenthood to clear things up. But I also understand the girls fear. She is a teenager after all! I guess the problem might be that she doesn't currently have a boyfriend and she has stated that she hasn't been with anyone for awhile. So 1, she probably been infected for awhile and 2, it has to be from one of her two previous partners. I guess that is why she is worried they will want to contact them. Even if they do it by form letter just stating you may have been infected. She would be the only common denominator between the two boys.
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    I know of no other way to get this disease. Her partners will be notified that they were in contact with someone who has the disease, but not as to who that person is or their treatment. Here is a good link to the National Institute of Health about the disease itself and prognosis, etc.
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    Witz, thank you so much!!
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    I thought Chlamydia was the one that could be picked up from other places. Maybe not. I have never had With all my exploits I never got an STD...god knows how!

    I do know they never contacted Corys ex. You would have heard the explosion.
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    HIPPA prevents them from giving out names, but it is law that sexual partners are notified so they can also be treated.
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    They will notify the partners via letter that says you may have been infected. easy child went with the girl today back to planned parenthood. She got 2 pills to take at one time, has to go back between July and Aug for a retest.

    Thanks all for your help. It helped a lot. Put her mind at ease. God I hope I am never in that situation with one of my girls.
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    Chlamydia in humans is sexually transmitted. There are varieties in animals that are transmitted through inhalation and present as upper respiratory infections. The problem with chlamydia in humans is that it can cause inflammation and scarring of pelvic organs; thereby leading to infertility.

    Worse yet, it is quite often without symptoms so by the time the infection is recognized, quite a lot of damage can have been done.