Need advice on testing ASAP. Please?

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    My 5 YO son is having severe behavior issues both at home and at school.
    We've known for a long time that something is not "normal". He was tested at age 4 through an early intervention program and it was discovered that he had some tendencies towards "Aspergers", but not enough to dignose it as such. We were told, "He's a 'delightful' child; and 'not to worry' . . . he'd grow out of whatever minor issues were concerning us." Yes, he can be delightful, but they only saw him for an hour! The bad behavior has only escalated over the past two years. He's aggressive, defiant, impulsive, angry, and very manipulative. He has trouble interacting with other children, and he does not have the regard for adults that other children seem to naturally have. He's reading very well, and has fixations on certain subjects. For the past three months he has been unable to open his mouth without talking about tornados. He's obsessed with them, and it goes way above and beyond a "general interest or fascination". His behavior is disrupting to the whole family and we are worried about our smaller children's safety, because he is so impulsive and physically agressive. We are at our wits end.

    We finally took him to a child psychologist that he has seen two times. She's very nice, but doesn't seem concerned about finding a diagnosis of any kind. Are there particular tests that should be done? I have a friend who's child was evaluated by a different psychologist and had some pretty extensive testing done--hours of it. Our psychologist has done nothing. What can I ask for? What do you think should be done?
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    The hours long testing that your friend received was most likely done by a Neurpsychologist. Their testing is very thorough and can take 6-12 hours (sometimes broken up over a few days). You can contact your local children's hospital or learning university hospital to get in to see one.

    Get your hands on the book "Explosive Child" (by Ross Greene) in the meantime. While not a cure-all, it has helped a majority of the members on this board with their challenging children.

    Welcome aboard! Glad you found us but sorry you had to.
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    Yes, you will want more extensive testing done. A good route to find a diagnostician in your case would be to contact your nearest Autism Society chapter and find out who parents in your area are happy with.

    Other routes to go would be contacting your pediatrician and insurance companies or looking at the staff directory of Children's or university hospitals in your region. What you'd be asking for would be a pediatric neuropsychologist, an Autism Clinic, or a developmental pediatrician. I suspect the extensive evaluation you mentioned was likely done by a neuropsychologist.