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    3 years ago a close friend of mine was in a horrible accident at work. He went into enclosed space to save a young man who had passed out from chemical exposure. He pushed the young man out---(the guy was already dead) but was overcome by the chemicals and passed out. When EMS got to him, he was clinically dead, but they brought him back. He was in a coma for 4 months, but has slowly gotten better. He has severe brain trauma and has had as many as 20 seizures a day since then. Lately, he has gotten better. He still can't drive or stay by himself, but he is trying to do as much as he can. This weekend he is involved in a hunt for terminally ill children---kind of a make-a-wish program. He emailed me asking for prayer that he can do this---it's something that he really loves---so I thought I would ask the board to join me in good thoughts for this wonderful man who needs to feel useful and needed.
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    Many many prayers on the way for this amazing man who has already given so much and is determined to keep on giving -- and huge admiration as well

    May he not overtax himself to the point of putting forth all that effort only to have the rigours of the experience cost him far too dearly in his own health and welfare

    And sending supportive thoughts to you as well dear; it is anxiety-making when someone we know & admire & worry for takes on something such as this


    Blondie *rattle rattle rattle*:peaceful:
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    Prayers and good thoughts and rattling happening here. What a truly wonderful person he is. After all that he sacrificed saving the other man, and all the pain he must live in, to still want to give back this way is surely a motivating blessing to all who know him and all of us who are learning of his gifts to others.
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    Sending strength for a hero to complete his wish to continue to help others.......