(the future) MRS. GERE
What is it, Tracy? A residential treatment place? Are you sure you have the correct name? I found Auberle and Abraxas. The Adelphi I found was the same university as was already found.

Can you give us more to go on?



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the name sounds similar to a placement ant was in when under 18. it was a shelter for juvenile delinquents. could that be it?


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Yes it is a type of boys home/shelter. No one I talk tocan seem to give me any more info on it. I was told though, It is Adelphi Village. Who knows I' ll keep looking.
Thanks for the input all


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I don't know how to post a site so you can just click it but this
is what you were looking for, I'm sure.

I did a Google Search "Adelphi Village"
with choice of either word Pittsburg Philadelphia

This topic shows mental health and substance abuse as the topic
so I assume that is the source. Good luck. DDD


(the future) MRS. GERE
Yes! That's why it sounded so familiar to me!!! sheesh :hammer:'s a placement that we almost sent Rob to and in my last job I ended up knowing some of the honchos there.

I haven't heard any negative about it, Tracy. Look into it.